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Jelly and Gummy Sweets

Jelly and Gummy Sweets

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Jelly and Gummy Sweets - chewy, sticky deliciousness and a reminder of carefree days.

Whether you crave the chewy finish of jelly spogs, wine gums or dolly mixture, Berrymans has you covered. We're a leading manufacturer of the finest gummy sweets in the UK, and our team of experts works tirelessly to create the wonderfully flavoursome traditional jelly candy that you remember from childhood. Our yummy gummy sweets are made in huge copper vats of boiling sugar, using traditional recipes, expert techniques and high-quality ingredients. The result? Delicious, mouthwatering gummy sweets that taste of childhood!
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Jelly and Gummy Sweets

Types of jelly sweet and gummy sweet available

Berrymans has created some of the finest jelly sweets in the UK, and our customers absolutely adore our authentic sweets - which taste far better than anything you'll find on the high street. Some of our top-selling jelly sweet lines include:

Sour dummies - which are fruit-flavoured gummy sweets shaped like dummies and covered in sour sugar for that mouth-twisting finish that everyone adores.

Foam shrimps - a completely classic British foam sweet shaped as shrimps and flavoured as strawberries. Who knows why, but everyone loves them.

tongue painters - so called for their rich colourings, which paint your tongue and mouth in an array of sweet-coloured shades. Great fun for kids of all ages!

Dolly mixture - packed with delicious sweetness, different shapes, flavours and nostalgic appeal - these sweets have been around for over 100 years, and they taste just as good today as they ever have when you buy the real deal from Berrymans.

FAQ about jelly and gummy sweets

What's the difference between jelly candy and gummy candy?

There is very little difference, other than the fact that gummy candy requires more chewing than the jelly alternative, which is usually a single bite's worth.

Why is gummy candy so good?

The finest gummy sweets in the UK taste so good because Berrymans uses traditional recipes, real sugar, expert confectionery-making techniques and quality ingredients to make delicious sweets.

What are jelly sweets made out of?

Most jelly sweets in the UK are made with gelatine. This helps to give the gummy texture. There are vegetarian alternatives made without gelatine too.

Best jelly/gummy sweets?

Everyone has their own favourites, but some of the top-selling yummy gummy sweets include dolly mixtures, jelly spogs, wine gums, jelly beans and jelly babies.

Stock up today on the best jelly and gummy sweets in the UK at Berrymans with great flavours, fantastic nostalgic recipes and even better, free delivery on every order!