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Cola Sweets

Cola Sweets

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Kids of every age, from 5 to 105, know the delicious taste of cola sweets, and everyone has their favourite, whether that's cola bottles sweets or crunchy cola cubes sweets! But whether you hanker after chewy or crunchy boiled sweets, the vital thing is that you experience that wonderful cola flavour just as you remember it from childhood. Berrymans is here to deliver, with the finest ingredients, recipes and cooking techniques and you'll really appreciate the taste. Crunch on a Berrymans cola cube, and you'll taste the difference that comes from boiling sugar in huge copper vats - there's nothing weak or insipid about our sweets, and they really are a fast-track to the nostalgic, sunshine-filled days of childhood.
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Cola Sweets

Cola Sweets - Fizz Cola-Flavoured Heaven Recalling Carefree Times

Introduction to Cola Sweets

What types of cola sweets are there?

Our customers' favourites include:

cola cubes, Whether you love solid or chewy varieties as we sell both, so why not treat yourself to a tub of each? Remember that all of our sweets come with free delivery for an even bigger treat direct to your door! fizzy cola bottles - hugely popular for the sherbert sugar that encases the wonderful cola treat inside. Our team taste-tests everything we make and this particular recipe is always hugely popular. fizzy cherry cola bottles for a twist on an old favourite. These delicious sweets include cherry cola for a refreshing smack of fruitiness, and our version is absolutely packed with the nostalgic flavour our customers crave - no half-hearted sweets here! cola bottles without the sherbert sugar dusting. These are a real favourite with kids as well as adults, and they'll bring back memories of buying paper bags of penny sweets from the corner shop back in the day.

FAQs about Cola Sweets

What flavour are cola bottle sweets?

Cola bottles sweets are made with that real coca cola flavour that has been kept under wraps since it was first launched in the 1800s! There's something so distinctive and delicious about cola, with flavours of cola nut, cinnamon, caramel and citrus.

Who made the original cola bottle sweets?

A pharmacist called Dr. John Stith Pemberton came up with the recipe in 1886, and then by 1892, the first cola bottle sweets were being made. It's amazing to know that these sweets have been popular for so many generations.

What are cola bottle sweets made of?

Cola bottles sweets are made with a secret blend of ingredients that includes cinnamon, caramel, citrus and other flavours - plus plenty of delicious sugar of course!

Where to buy cola sweets?

Whether you're hankering for a crunchy cola cube or a handful of fizzy cola bottles, the best place to find your favourite cola sweets is Berrymans! We pack every one of our cola sweet range with delicious flavours, sugar and the colours you remember from childhood, for a mouthwatering treat that transports you right back to those simpler times. Our team is always testing new ingredients, recipes and confectionery making techniques to create the most wonderful sweets, and we have superb feedback on Trustpilot that demonstrates the quality of our products.

Discover the best cola sweets

Berrymans Sweets are a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. We offer the best retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to". With free delivery on all orders, a fantastic range of top-quality fizzy cola bottles, cola cubes and other cola cubes sweets, we're here to give you the taste of childhood nostalgia in its most delicious form. Check out our fantastic gift hampers too - perfect for treating a loved one!