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Bubblegum Sweets

Bubblegum Sweets

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If you love bubblegum sweets or pink and blue fizzy bottles, you've come to the right place! Our bubblegum flavour sweets are made from the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods, created with care and perfection by our team of confectionery professionals.

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Bubblegum Sweets

Bubblegum Sweets - Chewy, Delicious and Redolent of Carefree Times

We use copper cauldrons filled with real sugar and flavours for the most mouthwatering bubble gum flavour sweets. Our fizzy bubblegum bottles, bon bons and gobstoppers are a huge favourite with our customers, who love the fact that we recreate their candy experiences of the 70s and 80s, using traditional methods for the best results. You won't find sweets that taste like ours in the local supermarket! So if you're serious about your sweets and bubblegum, treat yourself to your favourite candy at Berrymans, with free delivery and attractive candy jars for that true retro experience!

Types of Sweets available

We have various bubblegum sweets available, all with that wonderful taste you remember from childhood! Our truly authentic range includes bubble gum bottles, bubblegum balls, bubble gum gobstoppers and bubble gum bonbons, all presented in traditional confectionery jars and with free delivery! If you remember pink and blue cola bottles, swapping sweets with your friends and playing for gum balls at the arcade, this range is for you.


What flavour is bubblegum?

Traditionally, bubblegum flavour sweets are flavoured with mixed fruits. This is usually according to a secret recipe that gives each sweet its distinctive favour. We guard our bubble gum flavour recipe closely and share the results with our happy customers!

Most popular bubblegum flavoured sweets

Our customers love our collection of mixed bubble gum sweets, including bubble gum bottles, bubble gum balls, bubble gum gobstoppers and bubblegum bonbons. They're the perfect mixture of chewy gum and smile-inducing flavours, packed with candy colours and all of that feelgood fun that comes with traditional retro sweets

Where to buy bubblegum sweets

The best place to buy bubble gum sweets is, of course, Berrymans Sweets! We're a leading UK manufacturer of delicious retro sweets just as you remember them, and our bubble gum flavour bonbons, bottles, balls and gobstoppers are top-sellers. Berrymans Sweets is a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. We offer the best of retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to", using high-quality manufacturing methods and ingredients. Our skilled sweet makers use huge copper pans in our workshop to create the traditional and retro sweets that you remember from childhood; packed with flavour and nostalgia!