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Blue Raspberry Sweets

Blue Raspberry Sweets

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Of all the delicious sweets we remember from childhood, the blue raspberry has to be right up there! These are a fast track to the golden childhood era of the 70s and 80s, and thanks to Berrymans, you can experience the same delicious flavours today.

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Blue Raspberry Sweets

Blue Raspberry Sweets - Remember Those Endless Childhood Summers?

We take you right back to a time when the summers were endless, your days were carefree and nothing mattered more than spending your pocket money at the corner sweet shop! Whether you grew up in these simpler times or simply want a taste of when life was sweet and easy, we create taste perfection with our blue mix sweets range, featuring the sweetest, crunchiest and most delectable blue candy for every occasion!

Blue Raspberry Sweets FAQ:

Whether you want to crunch blue cola cubes, let a blue raspberry toffee dissolve on your tongue slowly, or enjoy blue raspberry bonbons, we've got you covered!

Q. Why is blue raspberry candy so good?

The secret to delicious blue candy raspberry sweets is the flavour profile. We use the finest ingredients and the most authentic recipes to create the most delectable blue sweets mix you remember from childhood!

Q. What is blue raspberry flavour made from?

We could never give away our secrets for the ultimate blue mix sweets flavours, but our blue candy range is guaranteed to taste sweet, flavoursome and evocative of the glory days of sweets - nothing half-hearted here! Our blue rasperry sweets are filled with flavour in every suck, crunch and chew!

Q. What do blue raspberry sweets taste like?

OK, so we know that there's no actual blue raspberry in real life, but we use the finest ingredients to create the famous blue sweets mix flavour that everyone remembers from childhood - adding it to our range of dusted toffee centered blue raspberry bonbonsblue raspberry cubes and blue raspberry bonbons for a taste sensation!

Q. What are the best blue raspberry flavoured sweets?

Ask our customers and they'll all have a different answer! Some like our blue rasberry bonbons, and others love our dusted toffee centred blue raspberry bonbons, also called chewy blue raspberry bonbons. These are covered in delicious confectioner's sugar and filled with firm, sweet toffee. They're soft, chewy and a big favourite in the Berrymans staff room.

Discover the Best Retro Sweets

Berrymans Sweets is a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. We offer the best of retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to". Whether your passion is for blue mix sweets, boiled sweets, toffee, bubblegum or other types of traditional candy, we have the sweets, the flavours and the fantastic recipes that you'll remember from childhood.

Even better, our blue rasperry retro candy range comes presented in beautiful confectionery jars and with free delivery on top for an even sweeter deal! Rediscover the flavours of your childhood today with Berrymans.