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70's Sweets

70's Sweets

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If you're a fan of 1970s sweets, then you've come to the right place! Whether your favourite old-fashioned sweets from the 70's were a paper bag of sugar-dusted bon-bons or a pack of endless toffees, we've got the finest flavours, the best ingredients and the most traditional recipes for the best 70's retro sweets to suit all all tastes. This was definitely a nostalgic age where kids looked forward to spending their money at the corner shop and buying 1970s sweets by the penny - and we've managed to retain that feel of sweets of the 70's by selling the most delicious, flavoursome sweets in retro confectionery jars that bring back all of the memories of deciding what to buy.

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70's Sweets

Why Berrymans is the home of iconic 1970s sweets

Discover your favourite sweets of the 70s in the UK

The best sweets in the 70s were colourful, flavoursome and moreishly sweet, and you'll be pleased to know that we're still using traditional recipes to make the most delicious 70s sweets in the UK, right here in Lancashire where we have huge copper pots and bubbling sugar mixes, just like you'd imagine from a traditional sweet manufacturer. No reliance on fake chemicals here; we're all about the real sugar, real flavour and tried and tested recipes so that our 70's sweets actually taste like the ones you remember from those endless summer holidays. Our customers love these sweets from the 70s, but you'll also discover plenty of new sweets at Berrymans. Check out these hot favourites:

1. Chewy cola cubes- made with all the flavour you remember and soft centres. We sell hard-centred cola cubes too, if you sit on the other side of the fence!

2. Jelly Spogs - The bobbly ones from liquorice allsorts, another of the leading sweets of the 70s in the UK.

3. Fizzy cola bottles - these sweets of the 70's are always a favourite, whatever fashions come and go. Discover the best-tasting ones at Berrymans.

4. Pear drops - What a wonderful mix of tangy and fruity! These classic sweets from 70s actually date back to the 1800s. They are certainly a national treasure that everyone loves too.

5. Jelly Babies - Who could forget these absolutely iconic sweets from the 70s? Actually, jelly babies are believed to date back to the 1800s, but they still taste wonderfully fresh and delicious. Buy the real thing at Berrymans and taste the difference.

Q. What sweets were popular in the 70s?

Some of the most popular 1970s sweets were flying saucers, candy sticks, anglo bubbly love hearts, and black jacks. Q. What was the most popular candy in 1970s? Some of the most popular sweets of the 70s were hubba bubba gums, ring pops, sherbet dip dabs, bonbons, candy lipsticks, sugar mice, flying saucers and dolly mixtures.

Q. Where can I buy 70s sweets?

The best place to buy sweets of the 70s in the UK is here at Berrymans! We sell the best sweets from the 70s made by the finest sweet makers using the best ingredients and traditional methods.

Q. Can you still buy spangles sweets?

Yes, and the best place to look for these 70's old sweets is . . . at Berrymans!

Q. What are old English sweet names?

Some of the best old-fashioned sweets from the 70's also have names that we know and love to this day, including bon bons, dip daps, black jacks, flying saucers and aniseed balls.

Q. What are the sweets of the 70s UK?

There were so many wonderful sweets from the 70's, including toffees, chews, bon bons and more - what was your favourite?

Q. What sweets were around 70 years ago?

If sweets from the 70's appeal to you, then what about sweets from 70 years ago, including sugar mice, boiled fruit sweets, toffees, rock and licorice.

Q. Best 1970 sweets UK?

What were your favourite 70's sweets? Our customers love everything from aniseed twists and classic seaside rock to wine gums and midget gems. And the good news is that your favourite 70's retro sweets are for sale at Berrymans.

Q. What are the classic British sweets of Yesteryear?

There are so many favourite 70s sweets in the UK, and every customer we speak to claims that their personal favourite is the most iconic of the 70s sweets in the UK!

Some of our top-sellers in the 70's old sweets category include mint imperials, midget jems, white chocolate mice, aniseed balls, jelly beans, sweet peanuts, dusted milk bottles and chocolate jazzles.

Discover the Berrymans range of 70s sweets!

When you think of old fashioned sweets from the 70's what do you think of? If you love sweets in the 70s, check out Berrymans iconic 70s sweets today. We take absolute pride in making the finest 70s retro sweets that have all the flavour that our customers remember from their childhoods. No bland, chemically-led flavours here. We use tried and trusted recipes, big huge copper vats filled with sugar and flavours, fine confectionery experts and a real touch of passion to make the best retro sweets you're ever likely to taste. Even better, we sell our old fashioned sweets from the 70's in traditional confectionery jars, and all of our orders have free delivery attached! What a wonderful treat for you or a loved one to brighten the day. Don't forget to check out our range of sweets from 70s gifts and hampers too.