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Fizzy Sweets

Fizzy Sweets

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When you love the taste of fizzy, zingy sweets packed with sherbert, delicious fruit flavours and the sweetest sugar, head to Berrymans for a quality hit of sour candies. Whether your tastebuds are tingling for fizzy cola bottle sweets or fizzy watermelon sweets, you'll find that our exclusive confectionery ranges bring back all the memories of childhood. We've got a fantastic range of high-quality fizzy sweets which taste exactly like the fizzy sweet favourites you used to splurge your pocket money on back in the day. Forget insipid mass-produced excuses for sour sweets - get the fizzy hit you crave with the Berrymans collection!

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Fizzy Sweets

Fizzy Sweets - refreshing, delicious and reminiscent of the good old days

Types of fizzy sweets available

Craving the mouth-twisting, energising, addictive hit of sour sweets? Check out our fantastic fizzy sweet collection, all exclusively made for Berrymans by our confectionery experts. Try dolly mixture - named for a confectioner's daughter and inspired by colourful patchwork dresses, these iconic sweets used to be sold in penny bags - perfect for pocket money treats at the weekend. Today, we sell this delicious mix of candy combos in our confectioners' jars so you've always got a handful on tap. Indulge in fizzy bubblegum bottles - sour, tangy, delicious and completely addictive, these bubblegum bottles will really bring back the taste of childhood. Treat yourself to sherbet pips - these colourful pips are made from boiled sugar and delicious fruity flavours. These are a classic sweet you won't find easily in the supermarket. Discover fizzy peaches - these are wonderful peach-flavoured, larger style soft chewy sweets with a two-tone colour and that all-important sour sugar dusting. Combine these with fizzy watermelon sweets for a fruity flavour sensation. Go for sour apples - again, a wonderful jelly sweet with a two-tone colour and a generous dusting of fizzy, sour sugar to enliven your treat time. Combine them with our other fruity fizzy sweets to get your sugary 'five a day'.

FAQS about fizzy sweets

Wondering what makes your favourite fizzy sweet so delicious? Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about our fizzy candies:

What makes fizzy sweets fizzy?

Confectioners use a combination of carbonate and an acid, such as stearic acid, malic acid or sodium bicarbonate to create that all-important fizz in your mouth.

Where to buy fizzy sweets UK?

Whether you're hankering for fizzy cola bottle sweets or sour apple cubes, head to Berrymans for the best range of fizzy sweets in the UK.

What flavour are cola bottle sweets?

Cola bottle sweets are made to taste like the zingy, rich and complex original drink of Coca-Cola. The flavours include coca nuts, caramel and cinnamon for a sweet and nuanced finish.

Where to Buy the Best Fizzy Sweets UK-wide?

The best place to buy fizzy sweets in the UK has to be Berrymans! We have a 4.9-star average customer review on TrustPilot and over 500,000 happy customers. We're proud to be the tried and tested choice for the best authentic sweets in the UK, all of which are made to authentic recipes at our factory in Lancashire. Our expert sweet makers use the finest ingredients and huge copper vats filled with boiling sugar to create truly delicious sweets with all the nostalgic appeal that our customers remember from childhood. Whatever era you grew up in, you'll find your favourite childhood sweets in our comprehensive collection of candy - plus plenty of new sweets to discover, including over 20 fizzy sweets. We sell our sweets in confectionery jars and have plenty of giftable hampers, sweet boxes and more to discover. Even better, every order comes with free delivery!