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80's Sweets

80's Sweets

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You know you love 80's sweets, so perhaps it's time to treat yourself to our superb selection of UK 80s sweets at Berrymans! Whether you grew up with these delicious treats or have discovered them after the awesome decade itself, you can experience everything that was wonderful about this decade of confectionery joy. There were so many reasons to love the 80s in the UK - and not just for the sweets of the 80s. Who remembers hours of fun spent immersed in Atari or Rubik's Cubes, classic movies rented from Blockbuster such as the Karate Kid and the best of the arcades? Maybe you were rolling on your skates, practising your skills on a skateboard or playing with your Barbie or Transformers? Either way, we bet you paired these nostalgic times with some of the best 1980s sweets! Discover some of the finest sweets of the 80s at Berrymans when you experience our taste sensations - made just as you remember them.

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80's Sweets

Discover the finest sweets of the 80's from the experts at Berrymans!

Types of 80s Sweets available - Flavours and variations

Candy Necklaces

One of the ultimate sweets in the 1980s has to be candy necklaces, which bring back all of the nostalgia of playing with friends in the playground or considering whether to gift your favourite pastel-sweet jewellery to someone special! Find the originals and the best at Beryymans.

Candy Sticks

Some of the biggest-selling sweets from the 80s include these pineapple-flavoured candy sticks which still taste just as wonderful today thanks to our original recipe.

Parma Violets

Perhaps one of the most iconic sweets in the 1980s, parma violets are a 'love 'em or hate 'em' sweet, but we find that our customers absolutely adore them! Enjoy the finest tasting parma violets from our range.

Love Hearts

These fruit-flavoured fizzy sweets taste like you remember and our love hearts come in the original roll packaging too! Experience one of the best sweets from the 80s in the UK.

Aniseed Twists

Aniseed featured heavily in the best-loved sweets from 80s, and these aniseed twists are always a favourite with our customers. Refreshing and zingy, we wrap them individually too, so you don't end up with one big boiled sweet shape in the jar!

Fruit Salad

Who can think of sweets from 80s without thinking of fruit salads?! These fun retro sweets have a unique flavour all of their own, and you can find the finest here at Berrymans, especially if you check out our mixed hampers.

Black Jacks

Our customers know them as Kop Kops, and these delicious aniseed and licorice boiled sweets have all of the flavour you remember from black jacks. These are amongst the most iconic sweets from 80s.


Q. What sweets were popular in the 80s UK?

Some of the most popular 1980s sweets were candy necklaces, black jacks, fruit salads, sherbet dips, love hearts, candy sticks and parma violets.

Q. Which sweets have been discontinued from 1980s?

Although many confectionery brands stopped selling and discontinued sweets from the 70s and 80s , Berrymans is delighted to still be manufacturing and selling the finest UK 80s sweets with original recipes and the best ingredients.

Q. What was the most popular sweet in the 80s?

It's really hard to say what the most popular 80s retro sweets were, but we suspect they may have been the iconic love heart range; ideal for sending messages to friends and your playground crush!

Q. What sweets were around in 1983?

Shrimps, fried eggs, black jacks and fruit salads were all top-selling 80's old sweets, and yes, we all attempted to mix them in our hands and have a combination at once!

Q. Where to buy 80s sweets?

For the best 80's sweets, head to Berrymans online where you'll find a huge range of all the biggest favourites from the 80's old sweets collections - made to taste just as you remember them.

Q. What were the best-selling sweets of the 80s?

Some of the best-selling sweets of the 80's included candy hearts, parma violets, fruit salads, aniseed twists and anything with sherbet in.

Stock up on your favourite 80's old sweets today

Berrymans Sweets is one of the UK's premium retro confectionery brands, and we're proud to manufacture and sell the delicious sweets of the 80s that we make, direct to our customers. We offer the best of retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to". Even better, we offer the taste of the finest sweets in the 80s as you remember them, with the best ingredients and made by experts with years of experience in the field of 80s retro sweets. You'll enjoy free delivery too when you buy our sweets from the 80s in the UK, and we sell everything in retro-styled confectionery jars for that nostalgic sense of buying your favourite pick 'n' mix from the corner shop. If sweets in the 80s were the absolute best decade for you, then discover your old favourites and plenty of delicious new sweets - including sugar-free sweet varieties - at Berrymans!