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Vegan Sweets

Vegan Sweets

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When you want the taste of delicious, nostalgic sweets that you remember from your own childhood, trust Berrymans to tempt every tastebud! Whether you spent your formative years playing in the arcades, or running wild in the park with your friends, we've got the sweets you remember from those simpler, sunny times. Even better, our team has used their collective expertise to make a fantastic range of sweets for vegans, so you can match your dietary needs too. Whether you're looking for vegan UK sweets for ethical reasons or to avoid gelatine, our range will tick all the boxes.
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Vegan Sweets

Vegan Sweets at Berrymans - recapturing those youthful corner shop moments in vegan form

Types of Vegan sweets available

Our vegan sweet experts have created a range of nearly 50 of the best vegan sweets available today. Forget those insipid supermarket offerings packed with chemicals and minimal flavour - we sell the real deal; flavour-packed sweets for vegans made with real sugar and the richest sweetest flavours imaginable. Our highly skilled experts use huge copper vats packed with boiling sugar and use traditional sweet-making techniques to create the sweets and treats you remember from childhood.

Some of our most popular vegan jelly sweets include:

fizzy cola bottles - packed with zing and that all-important fizz, and ideal for recreating that feel of childhood. American hard gums - for a sweet that really lasts and for a larger shape than the traditional gum drop. These guys are packed with chewiness, flavour and a wonderful sugar coating. Fizzy cherry - for the ultimate in nostalgic flavour and mouthwatering cherry colours! These sweets are so much fun. Dracula teeth - to delight the kids with their retro appeal and soft sugary taste, and particularly good for trick-or-treat visitors at Halloween! fruit sherbets - the ultimate boiled sweet in a range of fruity flavours, and with that zingy sherbert at the centre for a contrasting kick. tongue painters - a delicious gummy sweet packed with colour so that your mouth changes colour. Great for kids and fun for adults - just don't eat one before that important work meeting! cough candy - providing a warm hug for your throat when it needs it most and making the most of traditional feel-good remedies!

Questions about vegan sweets

Why choose UK vegan sweets?

There are many reasons to head to Berrymans for the best vegan sweets in the UK. You might prefer a vegan sweet for ethical, dietary or religious reasons. Whatever your needs, we've got you covered!

What does vegan mean?

A vegan diet is one where no animal products are eaten. This includes meat, dairy, eggs and even honey for strict vegans. Our vegan sweets avoid all animal products to suit a vegan diet.

Do vegan sweets contain gelatine?

No, sweets suitable for vegans don't include gelatine as this is derived from animal products. Our UK vegan sweets contain no gelatine.

What sweets are vegan?

Sweets suitable for vegans will always be marked as vegan friendly, so the trick is to choose Berrymans for the confidence that you are buying a true vegan sweet and to see our clear, transparent labelling. Our team is always on hand to answer questions too.

Where to buy vegan sweets UK?

Head to Berrymans for the best vegan sweets in the UK, made by our experienced sweet makers using the finest ingredients and traditional techniques. You'll really taste the difference when you choose a Berrymans vegan sweet.

Why choose Berrymans?

Berrymans Sweets are a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. We offer the best of retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to". We're also a leading manufacturer of specialist vegan friendly sweets, whether you're craving vegan jelly sweets, vegan toffees or vegan chocolate sweets. We sell all of our vegan UK sweets in traditionally styled confectionery jars, and we offer free delivery too, so you can treat yourself to those delicious vegan friendly sweets without worrying about a postage fee on top. For the best vegan sweets that make great presents for friends and family, check out our hampers and sweet boxes, for the ultimate nostalgic, sweet treat that works for every gifting occasion!