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Cherry Sweets

Cherry Sweets

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When nothing will do but cherry sweets, trust Berrymans to provide that wonderfully fruity, sugary hit of deliciousness that you've been craving. Our experts have years of sweet-making experience under their belts, and they use the finest formulations and secret recipes, quality ingredients and huge bubbling copper vats of sugar to make the most mouth-watering cherry flavoured sweets. In fact, we guarantee that our cherry candy will taste nothing like the half-hearted mass-produced sweets you may have tasted elsewhere. When only the best cherry flavoured sweets will do, head to Berrymans for the original and the best, just like you remember from those halcyon days of childhood when your pocket money was burning a hole . . in your pocket.
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Cherry Sweets

Cherry Sweets - A Fruity, Delicious, Sugary Hit - Just As Good As You Remember

Types of cherry sweets in the UK

When you want the finest cherry sweet in existence, may we suggest Berrymans! Try cherry bonbons for wonderful sweets hit you with their cherry smell before that hit of rich flavour even hits your taste buds. Our customers tell us they love to mix and match them with other fruit flavour combinations from our bon bons range - which pair will you love best? Our team swears by cherry bonbons followed by apple bonbons. Choose fizzy cherry cola bottles for fizzy and sugary cherry cola bottles also have a wonderfully sour sugar coating so you get that awesome combination that makes your eyes scrunch up! Select cherry lips if you want cherry flavoured gummy sweets. One of our biggest selling cherry candy, and our team loves to indulge too in the staff room.

Cherry Sweets FAQ:

Are cherry sweets vegetarian?

When you treat yourself to cherry sweets in the UK, some will be vegetarian, and they will explain this on the packaging. The ingredient for vegans to look out for and avoid with cherry flavour sweets is gelatin, which is derived from animal products.

What is the flavour of cherries?

Cherry flavour sweets have a wonderfully fruity and sweet flavour that instantly transports you back to childhood! Our fizzy cherry sweets taste like fruity cherries and smell fruity too.

Best cherry flavoured sweets UK

For the perfect cherry sweet, visit Berrymans today! Whether you crave fizzy cherry sweets or cherry lips, our team of confectionery experts has made the finest, sweetest and most flavoursome sweets possible, with all of the nostalgic appeal you could hope for! We have over 500,000 happy customers, a Trustpilot rating of 4.9 stars and even better, we offer free delivery on all of our sweets. Whether you choose a jar of cherry sweets for your kitchen or treat a loved one to a sweet hamper, trust Berrymans to provide the authentic, delicious flavour that you remember from childhood.