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Apple Sweets

Apple Sweets

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There's something so nostalgic about apple flavoured sweets! Whether you're a big fan of rosey apples sweets or sour apple sweets, the sweet and tangy flavours of these traditionally made classics will instantly transport you back to the hot summer days of childhood. Whether you spent your time flying up and down the street on your BMX or playing hopscotch with your friends, these hard boiled sweets really are the taste of happiness, with that delicious burst of mouthwatering flavour that explodes in your mouth! 

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Apple Sweets

Apple Sweets - Sweet or Sour, an Incomparable Memory of Your Childhood Years

At Berrymans we're proud to make tangy sour and sweet apple flavour sweets that taste like you remember; flavoursome, sweet and absolutely wonderful!

Types of Sweets available

Our top-selling range includes rosy apple sweets, apple bonbonssour apple cubes and sour apples. Whether you love brightly coloured cubes or sugar-dusted bonbons, we've got you covered, with that authentic apple sweet that transports you back to childhood!


What are the best apple sweets?

Our customers all have their favourites. Our top-selling range of rosey apples, apple bonbons, sour apple cubes and sour apples is designed to cover everyone's traditional favourites, with apple sweet options you can't easily find on the high street today.

What are rosey apple sweets?

Delicious rosey apples are a tangy, dual-coloured sweet and sour boiled sweet, round in shape and sugar-dusted to simply make your mouth water. We sell our sour apple sweets in traditional confectionery jars to really ramp up the nostalgia.

What are sour apples?

Is that classic apple sour calling you? These are delicious soft and chewy sour apple flavour sweets that are flat, apple shaped, multi-coloured and covered in crunchy, mouth-watering sugar for that perfect retro treat. Our staff love our apple sour range, with its carefully guarded recipe! In fact, our own staff room is always well stocked with apple flavoured sweets!

Where to buy apple flavoured sweets?

There's no better place to find the apple sweet you love than at Berrymans! We make wonderfully flavoured nostalgic sweets just as you remember them, including old favourites that are hard to buy anywhere else. Our apple sweet range has tremendous flavour and nostalgia, and we constantly refine our recipes so that they taste exactly as you remember them from childhood.

Discover the best apple sweets!

Berrymans Sweets is a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK offering the best retro sweets that taste "just how they used to". Discover our apple sweet collection for yourself, with free delivery on all orders!