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Foam Sweets

Foam Sweets

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Who doesn't love the nostalgic, sweet and fluffy deliciousness of real foam sweets? Whether your childhood craving was for foam shrimp sweets or foamy bananas, everyone remembers taking their pocket money around to the corner shop to stock up on a handful of the good stuff! And at Berrymans, you can recapture those halcyon days.
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Foam Sweets

Foam Sweets - the best of the childhood corner shop memories

Types of foam sweets available

Whether you're craving foam shrimps, foam banana candy, foam fried eggs or foam mushroom sweets, we've got you covered! There's nothing but the finest ingredients and real sugar in Berrymans sweets - no half-hearted flavours here! Check out our: Coconut mushrooms. Can you believe these coconut-topped foam sweets date back to the 1900s? Truly standing the test of time! Foam shrimps - no one knows why shrimps became such a popular foam sweet, but the Berrymans foam shrimp sweets are up there with the best. Mini foam bananas - banana flavoured foam sweets in the brightest yellow. Our customers adore our foam banana sweets and we constantly have to make new batches to meet demand. Foam mushrooms - delicious strawberry-flavoured sweets that help us reach our 'five a day' - in name only! Fried eggs - the classic fruit jelly and foam sweet we remember from childhood. Heart throbs - sweet fruity gums with a white sugar foam.

Foam Sweets FAQ

What are foam sweets made of?

Treat yourself to some foam bananas and you'll be tasting spun sugar and other secret ingredients that create that nostalgic taste of heaven!

What flavour are foam shrimp sweets?

Foam shrimp sweets are strawberry flavoured.

Are shrimp sweets vegan?

No, when you treat yourself to banana candy or other foam banana sweets, there are animal products from gelatine.

What is a foam banana?

Everyone loves foam banana sweets! Classic foam banana candy comes in the form of sugary, chewy banana-flavoured sweets shaped and coloured bright yellow.

Where to buy foam sweets?

From foamy bananas to foam shrimps, the best place to buy foam sweets is Berrymans! We're trusted by over 500,000 happy customers and have a TrustPilot score of 4.9 out of 5, showing just how loved our products are! Our team taste tests every recipe we make, and we never sell a sweet that we aren't 100% proud of. Rediscover the sweets you remember from the 70s, 80s and 90s. We're here to tempt and delight you and your loved ones with the finest, most mouth-watering sweets and candies you can buy in the UK today.

Discover the best foam sweets

Berrymans Sweets is a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. Our team of experts uses huge copper pots filled with bubbling sugar and the finest ingredients to create foam sweets with the sweetness, flavour and chew you remember from childhood - no half-hearted excuses for sweets here! We make everything in small batches, sell our foam sweets in confectionery jars and also have a great range of hampers and sweet gifts. Even better, everything is sold with free delivery, so you get that little extra treat when you buy your favourite sweets, chews, toffees and candies from our Lancashire factory.