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Chewy Sweets

Chewy Sweets

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When you're hankering after the satisfying sweetness of retro chewy candy, trust Berrymans to provide the perfect chewy sweet! From gummy sweets to toffee sweets, we're proud to make the finest range of traditional chewy fruit sweets in the UK, using traditional confectionery techniques, tried and trusted recipes and real ingredients. If you were to look into the Berrymans factory, you'd see chewy candy being made in the way it should be - with huge copper pots filled with bubbling sugar and wonderful flavours. Don't waste your time with insipid mass-produced chewy sweet imposters; rediscover sweets as you remember them from childhood at Berrymans!
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Chewy Sweets

Chewy Sweets - delicious retro sweets made the traditional way

Types of Chewy Sweets Available

You'll love our wide range of chew sweets; all bringing back the taste of childhood! Some of our top favourites include: toffee bonbons - the ultimate chewy toffee sweets with a sweet, caramel flavour and a fantastic degree of chew, so they really last. spearmint chews - for a fresh spearmint hit and a long-lasting chewy sweet whenever you need it. lemon bonbons - whether you call them lemon bonbons or use their full name of Dusted Toffee Centred Lemon BonBons, these are a wonderfully zesty chewy sweet with a melt-in-the-mouth texture!

FAQs on Chewy Sweets

What sweets are chewy?

Some of the best selling gummy sweets at Berrymans include strawberry bonbonswine gumsmidget gemsdolly mixturechewy cola cubes and spearmint chews. We've got nearly 30 in the collection to discover!

What is an example of chewy candy?

A great example of chewy candy is American hard gums - perhaps the ultimate chewy sweet that can really keep you going for ages.

Where to buy chewy sweets UK?

The best place to buy chewy fruit sweets, gummy sweets and chewy toffee is, of course, Berrymans! Our team use traditional recipes, real ingredients and the finest sweet-making techniques to make delicious sweets that taste exactly as you remember them from those heady, nostalgic days of childhood. Even better, we offer free delivery on all of our chewy sweets, which are sold in traditional confectionery jars, hampers or even postal delivery boxes, perfect for gifting.

The Finest Chewy Fruit Sweets in The UK

Berrymans Sweets is a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. We offer the best of retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to". Why not browse our wide range of delicious chew sweets and discover our difference for yourself?