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Gelatine-Free Sweets

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At Berrymans Sweets, we know that our customers crave the delicious, flavoursome and nostalgic real sweets of their youth. Whether your happiest memories involve Dolly Mixtures, Lemon Sherberts or Cola Bottles, we've got you covered with authentic sweets that taste just as you remember them! Even better, when it comes to vegan sweets in the UK we're also a leader! Whether you're looking for gelatine free jelly sweets for dietary reasons or simply through choice, you'll find that our vegan sweets range tastes just as good as the original!
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Gelatine-Free Sweets

Gelatine- free Sweets: the authentic taste of great times

You'll love the range of gelatine free sweets we've got for sale, all made here in our own factory using huge copper pans, real ingredients, fresh sugar and expert confectionery techniques. Don't be fobbed off with low-grade alternatives - if you're serious about finding the best vegan sweets in the UK, then you need to head to Berrymans! Perhaps you love cola cubes, whether chewy or crunchy centres take your fancy. Our gelatine free jelly sweets range includes these delicious and traditional cola cubes which are always a top seller, packed with flavour, sweetness and absolute joy. Our pear drops are also top sellers in the vegan sweets category, with that distinctive taste that you remember from childhood... and probably haven't experienced since until you discovered our traditional range. Another of our top-selling gelatine free jelly sweets are our fizzy cola bottles, which are packed with that irresistible mix of sugar and fizz. They'll bring back the taste of your childhood and the joy of spending your pocket money on pick and mix at the corner shop. Our customers also love our gelatine free spearmint chews, sweet peanuts, milk chocolate raisins and Yorkshire mixture. You'll find old favourites in our vegan sweets range, as well as exciting new sweets that you may never have tasted before. Why not treat yourself, with free delivery on every order!

FAQs about gelatine free sweets in the UK

What sweets are gelatine free?

At Berrymans we are proud to sell a range of over 100 gelatine free and vegan sweets in the UK. You'll find everything from toffee bonbons to aniseed balls and even chocolate mice in the mix!

Why are sweets gelatine free?

We're proud to sell the finest gelatine free sweets in the UK because we know plenty of our customers want to choose vegan alternatives. Gelatine is an animal product, and many people want to avoid it for reasons of diet, ethics or even religion. Happily, our team has all the expertise, ingredients and know-how to make superb gelatine sweets that taste as mouthwateringly good as the original.

What are the best sweets without gelatine?

Whether you love gelatine free jelly sweets or chocolate vegan sweets, you'll find everything in our range, including sugared almondslemon bonbonschocolate limes and aniseed comfits. From chewy toffees to mouthwatering liquorice and blackcurrant sweets, we've got you covered!

Where to buy gelatine free sweets UK?

Your best choice for gelatine free sweets in the UK is Berrymans! Our team uses real ingredients, huge copper pans and the finest confectionery-making techniques to create wonderful sweets that have all of the nostalgic flavour and quality of the sweets you remember from childhood.

Discover the full range of vegan sweets today!

Berrymans Sweets is a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. We offer the best of retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to". Our team of experts constantly refines our techniques to create exciting new recipes that recreate that wonderful nostalgia we all remember from childhood. Don't waste your time buying insipid, weak sweets from mass-produced sources - choose the best vegan sweets in the UK from a specialist confectionery brand that really delivers on the taste, crunch, chew and experience front, every time! Even better, we sell our gelatine free sweets in large confectionery jars so you can line them up and display your favourite sweets with pride if you wish. They also make wonderful gifts - don't forget to check out our hampers and sweet gifts for the perfect present.