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Lemon Sweets

Lemon Sweets

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Lemon Sweets - tangy, zingy, refreshing and always welcome.

When you're looking for the sweetest, zingiest and most citrus-packed lemon candy in the UK, head to Berrymans for the finest range of traditional, nostalgic lemon sweets.

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Lemon Sweets

Introduction to lemon Sweets

Looking for luscious lemon sweets packed with citrus flavour, sweetness and wonderful flavour? Then look no further than Berrymans! Our expert confectioners use real ingredients and huge copper vats filled with bubbling sugar to make real sweets as you remember them from childhood. Our nostalgic sweets will bring back memories of those endless summers and of spending your pocket money on orange and lemon sweets at the corner shop. We've got a huge range too, from acid drops to orange & lemon slices, depending on your preferences. Better still, we even sell sugar-free lemon candy, so you can still indulge whilst avoiding sugar!

Types of lemon sweets available

If you love lemon flavoured sweets, then you'll be delighted to discover the range of top-quality nostalgic lemon candy at Berrymans. Our top-selling range includes lemon acid drops sweets and zingy sherbet lemons. Some of our biggest sellers include:

Dusted toffee centered lemon bonbons - also known as chewy lemon bonbons, these delicious sweets are sugar-dusted, packed with zesty lemon and filled with chewy, soft toffee.

Sherbet lemons - our sherbert lemon sweets are - we believe - the finest sherbet sweets in the UK! Packed with zesty flavour and mouth-zinging sherbert, we individually wrap our sherbet lemon sweets so they don't stick together.

Sugar free chocolate limes - great for everyone who loves lemon candy but wants to avoid sugar, our sugar free chocolate limes have a crispy boiled lime sweet shell and smooth chocolate centre. One for the fans!

Acid drops - these sour lemon sweets are boiled and packed with flavour. Try them and taste the powerful acid punch of sour flavour!

What to know about orange and lemon sherbet sweets in the UK

Who makes lemon sweets?

The best lemon flavoured sweets are made at Berrymans using the finest ingredients, real sugar and time-served techniques, combined with traditional recipes. We spend hours perfecting every recipe, so our customers are always delighted.

What is a lemon sherbet?

Sherbet is a fizzy, sweet powder and sherbet lemon sweets combine this fizzy sensation with sweet lemon sugar for the ultimate in citrus zing.

Are sherbet lemons British?

The sherbet acid drops sweets made at Berrymans are 100% British and made at our factory premises in Lancashire.