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Liquorice Sweets

Liquorice Sweets

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At Berrymans, we consider liquorice sweets as one of the most important parts of the 70's and 80's. Whether you loved them or hated the taste of liquorice everyone who grew up in that era knew them and had an opinion on them. From sneaking them in your pockets as a secret treat or sharing a bag of Liquorice Allsorts or Midget Gems at the cinema with your best friend, liquorice sweets are something most of us have strong memories of.

We have a team of liquorice lovers and they love traditional liquorice that tastes just like its supposed to! Strong and sweet mixed with the perfect hint of aniseed.  Some of our favourites are Black Jacks, Bassetti Hard Liquorice Sticks, Jelly Spogs, Liquorice Torpedoes and Pontefract Cakes (we do some amazing tasting Pontefract Cakes!).

Relive your youth and let memories come flooding back as you enjoy the various textures, shapes and flavours that made liquorice sweets such an important part of all our childhoods! The taste really is timeless.

Our liquorice sweets are made with the highest quality ingredients and we don't just add countless amounts of sugar and additives to imitate the taste of the classics you love. We try our very best to create products that we can be proud of and liquorice that tastes just like you remember it!

So take a look at our liquorice sweets below and satisfy your liquorice cravings. Our liquorice sweets also work as an amazing gift that any recipient would be chuffed with.

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Liquorice Sweets

A World of Liquorice Sweets

Types of Liquorice Sweets available

There are so many flavours and variations of liquorice available! Some of our customers' favourites include liquorice torpedoes, liquorice allsorts, liquorice comfits, and kopp kops. Here, we briefly explore some of our customers' favourites.

Jelly Spogs

These delicious favourites get 5 stars from our happy customers! One of our top-selling black liquorice sweets, these are also called the 'bobbly ones' or the 'jelly buttons' from the liquorice allsorts collection. Whatever you call them, if you're a fan of candy liquorice, you'll love the crunchy hundreds and thousands on the exterior that give way to a rich and gummy liquorice flavour.

Blackcurrant & Liquorice

Another five-star favourite from our customers, these are available in regular and sugar-free liquorice sweet options. And they really are a classic British recipe too, combining rich licorice with tangy blackcurrant for that heady mix of velvety sweetness and tangy fruitiness. The classic recipe combines the finest ingredients and traditional sweet-making methods, and this flavour will take you right back to childhood. It also works very well with our liquorice and aniseed sweets.


Of all the licorice sweets in our range, these have the best name. Yet another black liquorice with top reviews, Kopp kops are also called kop kop Sweets or cop cops and they are a genuine 70s classic; boiled aniseed and liquorice with a chewy centre, gentle on the flavours and with the right balance for absolute perfection. Many of our customers say these remind them of cough candy or hard-boiled blackjacks.

Blackcurrant & Liquorice Toffee Bonbons

How's this for a heavenly combination: blackcurrant, liquorice and toffee bonbons that combines a strong blackcurrant & liquorice exterior with a soft toffee interior. These dusted traditional sweets are always a hit. And when it comes to our sweets, liquorice is always a top-selling category, especially with our perfectly balanced ingredients.

Liquorice Allsorts

How are these for iconic liquorice sweets? You might be interested to know that they were originally made in error to use up extra liquorice in factories. But of course, the licorice allsorts we make here are created intentionally with the finest flavours, ingredients and colours. From bright jelly buttons to classic black and white mints, they are all infused with that unique flavour. There's something here for everyone to love!

Licorice Candy FAQs

Q. What is candy liquorice made from?

A. Your favourite licorice candy is actually made from a plant, Glycyrrhiza glabra, which forms the basis of all liquorice sweet recipes (certainly the recipes we use with real ingredients!)

Q. Is liquorice confectionery healthy?

Can liquorice confectionery ever be healthy? Well, the surprising answer is that it can be! Liquorice root has long been used to help with coughs and sore throats, and we sell sugar-free liquorice candy too.

Q. What makes a great licorice sweet?

A: For us, the best liquorice sweets are both sweet and strong, with a decent hint of aniseed. They are also made with real ingredients, which we always use to make the best liquorice sweets in the UK.

Q: Where does liquorice candy come from in the UK?

A: Historical records suggest that licorice sweet recipes began to be used first in Pontefract, in Yorkshire, where medicinal licorice was first blended with sugar!

Q. Can diabetics eat licorice sweets?

Good news if you need to watch your sugar intake - when it comes to sweets liquorice can work, because we offer sugar-free options. They have all of the great, rich flavour but without the calories!

Discover your liquorice favourites

Ready to indulge in your own liquorice passion? We're here for you with the best selection of the finest sweets possible. Berrymans Sweets is a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK, and we are absolutely passionate about delighting our customers with the best-tasting sweets available in the UK today. We know our customers absolutely love the sweets that they grew up with from the 70s, 80s and 90s. We also know that those sweets from the 'childhood era' had wonderful flavours and experiences that you just don't get nowadays from standard supermarket sweets. That's why we use the best techniques, expert sweetmakers and secret recipes to make the finest liquorice sweets that our customers remember - and their parents adore too! If you're looking for the finest original sweets that you grew up with, trust us to make your day. Our licorice sweets are sold in beautiful and traditional sweet jars and we offer free delivery too, from our traditional factory in Lancashire. If you're looking for liquorice sweets in the UK, then you've come to the right place - Berrymans - the home of the best liquorice sweets on the market! To see our full range of liquorice sweets, check out our mouth-watering selection here: