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Gluten Free Sweets

Gluten-Free Sweets

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Whether you are looking for gluten free sweets to accommodate a health condition or simply to limit your intake of gluten - a wheat protein that can be problematic for the digestive system - the good news is it's perfectly possible to still indulge your passion for real, traditional sweets that taste exactly as you remember from your childhood. We have over one hundred different types of sweets gluten free, ideal for customers with IBS, coeliac disease or simply a dietary intolerance to wheat gluten. So why not have fun browsing our list of gluten-free sweets and transport you back to a simpler, nostalgic times.
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Gluten-Free Sweets

Gluten-free Sweets - delicious reminders of your youth in gluten-free form

We've got the sweets you crave, whether your era was the 70s or 80s, and what's more, our sweets actually taste like the ones you remember: packed with flavour and sweetness, rich with colour and ready to transport you back to your youth.

Types of gluten free sweets available

There are a huge range of gluten free sweet flavours and variations, including jelly spogswine gums, dolly mixture, fruit sherbetsmilk chocolate brazils, and cherry lips. Whether you crave chewy toffees, rich licorice, sweet chocolates or fizzy sherbets, the team at Berrymans has you covered with the most authentic sweets but without gluten to cause you issues. We've got over 120 in our range and we're always looking for new recipes to try too.

For FAQ:

Are sweets gluten free?

Some sweets are naturally gluten free, but it makes sense to buy specific gluten free sweets in the UK that are marked as being so. This gives you peace of mind that there are no gluten containing proteins in the sweet. This is particularly important if you have a food intolerance or health condition, which means you need to avoid gluten.

Which sweets are gluten free UK?

We have a full list of list of gluten-free sweets available at Berrymans online, and you'll have total peace of mind that everything you order from us is a true gluten free sweet. Even better, our gluten free sweets come with free delivery to your door! Check our our hampers too for easy gifting.

How do you know if sweets are gluten free?

The only way to know is to buy from a reputable supplier and check the small print. Berrymans sells gluten free sweets delivered to your door with free delivery on all orders.

Where to purchase gluten free sweets?

The best place to buy gluten free sweets in the UK is from Berrymans! We make traditional, delicious gluten free sweets that taste exactly as you remember, whether you were a fan of chewy wine gums, zingy sherberts or rich chocolate brazil nuts.

Most popular gluten free sweets

Everyone has their own favourites when it comes to gluten free sweets, but some of our top-sellers in our line of over 120 gluten free sweets includes pear dropscola cubespeanut brittlecoconut mushroomsaniseed ballstoffee bonbons and wine gums.

About Berrymans

When you're looking for sweets gluten free options are available in abundance at Berrymans! Our team of confectionery experts is always looking for new recipes and trying out delicious creations that our staff all enjoy testing with rigour and dedication in the staff room! We don't rely on insipid chemicals and watered-down flavours; we go for the real deal, with fresh sugar, huge copper vats, traditional techniques and wonderful, rich flavours. For the finest range of gluten free sweets delivered to your door in traditional confectionery jars just as you remember them from the corner shop, visit the Berrymans website today, sign up for our newsletter and immerse yourself in the joyous experience of discovering old favourites and new gluten free sweets that will become fresh favourites! We've got it all at Berrymans, including wonderful hampers and gift sweet boxes, all delivered to your door in smart packaging. Discover the taste of nostalgic, true sweets as you remember them and browse our pages of gluten free sweets today!