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Sugar-Free Sweets

Sugar-Free Sweets

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Looking for sugar free and low sugar sweets in the UK? Berrymans is here to help, with the finest range of sugar free sweets ideal for diabetics, those watching their diet and anyone keen to avoid sugar.
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Sugar-Free Sweets

Sugar-free Sweets - all the taste, none of the sugar!

Everyone loves the sweet taste of sugar, and we have all your favourite boiled sweets, chews, candies and toffees... but without the complicating addition of sugar! Perfect if you're a diabetic, looking after your teeth or simply trying to follow a balanced diet, our low sugar snacks are a great option for everyone. We make our traditional sweets using real sugar, huge copper vats and traditional confectionery making techniques in our UK based manufacturing facilities. And, of course, everything we make is tested rigorously by our team of sweet enthusiasts! Even better, you don't need to give up on the flavour when you buy diabetic sweets from Berrymans. Forget weak and chemical-flavoured sweets that have been mass produced. Choose a taste of the real, nostalgic sweets that you remember and love from childhood! Our experts have carefully created a range of wonderful diabetic sweets and low sugar snacks that have all the fantastic flavour of the originals - but without the blood sugar spikes. Whether you are searching for sugar free sweets in the UK for health or choice reasons, we've got you covered, with some of the most delicious favourites from your childhood, but reimagined in sugar free form.

Types of Sugar Free Sweets Available

Our team has worked incredibly hard to make sugar free sweets that taste as good as the real thing, and some of our favourites include: Sugar free spearmint chews, with all of the fresh and minty flavour of the originals, but without the sugar spike. Sugar free rhubarb and custard for a guilt-free spin on this childhood classic, based on the ultimate British pudding. Sugar free chocolate eclairs - for a wonderfully chewy toffee filled with wonderfully melty chocolate- again, all without any sugar to affect your insulin levels. Sugar free sherbet lemons - filled with zesty, zingy sherbet and that wonderful citrus flavour that refreshes you on a long afternoon. Sugar free blackcurrant and liquorice - a traditional boiled sweet with all the flavour, and none of the sugar calories. You'll find a range of carefully chosen sugar free boiled sweets, chews, toffees and jelly sweets in our range - and you'll absolutely love the flavour, crunch, chew and mouthwatering experience.

FAQ: What customers want to know about sugar free sweets

Are sugar-free sweets good?

Sugar free sweets taste great when you buy them from Berrymans! Check out our delicious range that includes sugar free spearmint chewssugar free rhubarb and custard and sugar free pear drops.

Can diabetics eat sugar free sweets?

Diabetics can sometimes eat low sugar sweets but tend to eat sugar free candy which has no effect on insulin levels and blood sugar. Our sugar free sweets are ideal for diabetics. Chat to our friendly team for more information.

Where to purchase sugar free sweets?

The best place to buy sugarfree sweets is Berrymans! We sell a great range of expertly made, traditional sweets with all the flavour you remember from childhood - but as sugarfree sweets!

Do sugar free sweets taste the same?

When you buy low sugar sweets from a standard supermarket, they may have a nasty aftertaste due to an overuse of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Choose our sugar free candy range for low sugar sweets in the UK that taste great and just like the real thing.

Advantages of sugar free sweets

When you choose sugar free sweets in the UK from Berrymans, you get to enjoy all the taste of the best nostalgic sweets you remember from childhood, but without sugar - which can be detrimental to your blood sugar and insulin levels. Of course, sweets are fine in moderation and as part of a healthy balanced diet, but we know many of our customers like to have sugar free sweets and diabetic sweets options to cover all bases. Discover our fantastic range of sugar free treats and sweets, all sold in large confectionery style jars like you remember from the sweet shop of your childhood - and with free delivery on every order.