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Vegetarian Sweets

Vegetarian Sweets

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When you need the best vegetarian sweets in the UK, from a premium retro confectionery brand with superb reviews, then head to Berrymans! We're the experts in making those delicious retro sweets that you remember from your childhood; conjuring up memories of long, sunny days, carefree weekends outdoors and spending your money at the local corner shop. So forget those low taste, modern confections that rely on chemicals and invest in your own happiness and joy with the finest UK vegetarian sweets from Berrymans.
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Vegetarian Sweets

Vegetarian Sweets - as great as you remember them but suitable for a vegetarian diet!

Introduction to vegetarian sweets

Whether you crave gummies, toffees, boiled sweets or chocolate sweets, Berrymans has you covered with the finest range of sweets suitable for vegetarians. Some of our customers' favourites include: Pear drops - with the yellow colour representing sweet pear, and the red representing the contrasting sour and tangy flavour. These are a national treasure and a top-seller. Toffee bonbons, with that irresistible mix of chewiness, firmness, and softness. If you don't love toffee, we have plenty of other flavoured bonbons too, including strawberry and lemon bonbons and sweets suitable for vegetarians. Cola cubes - if you're looking for classic vegetarian jelly sweets, then try our soft and chewy cola cubes. If you love the crunch, check out our hard variety. Aniseed balls - with a crunchy aniseed centre and a deep red hard shell, our aniseed balls are always a top seller, and they're perfect sweets for vegetarians too. White chocolate mice - smooth, sweet and creamy, these are the wonderful chocolate-flavoured vegetarian sweets you remember from your childhood. Chocolate footballs - This is one of our top-selling sweet lines, especially during the holidays, so if you or your loved ones are footie fans, pop a bowl of these deliciously moreish chocolate sweets on the table and watch them disappear in a flash!

FAQs about vegetarian sweets in the UK

Our customer service team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have about choosing the best vegetarian sweets in the UK. These are some of the main questions we get asked about vegetarian candies, jellies, boiled sweets, chocolate sweets and toffees; all made without gelatine to suit vegetarian diets.

What sweets are vegetarian?

Looking for sweets suitable for vegetarians? Then look at our specialist range at Berrymans. You'll have total peace of mind that everything listed in our vegetarian sweets category is suitable for your dietary needs.

What sweets can vegetarians eat?

Vegetarians can eat most sweets, but it's important to check the ingredients to know whether or not there are animal products contained. Berrymans produces delicious vegetarian sweets just as you remember them.

List of most popular vegetarian sweets sold at Berrymans

Some of our most popular vegetarian sweets include pear drops, chocolate footballs, white chocolate mice, and aniseed balls.

What common sweets are vegetarian

Some of the most common sweets suitable for vegetarians include pear drops and toffee bonbons.

Where to buy vegetarian sweets?

If you're looking for gelatine free sweets, visit Berrymans. We have over 100 delicious sweets for vegetarians for sale, all made in-house by our experts, and including gelatine free sweets!

Why buy UK vegetarian sweets from Berrymans?

Berrymans Sweets are a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. We offer the best of retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to". Our skilled team uses real ingredients and traditional recipes to make delicious gelatine free sweets that are packed with flavour and nostalgic appeal. We use huge copper vats filled with bubbling sugar at our manufacturing premises in the UK and the finest techniques to make incomparable sweets that taste exactly as you remember them from childhood. Don't waste your time on mass-produced vegetarian jelly sweets when you can really remember the true taste of childhood. Our sweets for vegetarians are packed with flavour, sweetness and quality ingredients, but without any gelatine or animal products. We sell our vegetarian sweets in traditional confectionery jars, as well as hampers and decorative sweet delivery boxes, and even better, all vegetarian sweet orders made on our website come with free delivery! Discover why 500,000 happy customers regularly choose Berrymans to buy their wonderfully nostalgic, flavoursome and traditional vegetarian sweets, with an average review of 4.9 out of 5 stars as a testament to our superb quality.