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Fruity Sweets

Fruity Sweets

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Fruity Sweets - authentic, nostalgic and delicious reminders of a well-spent youth.

Whether you crave fruit jellies or chewy fruit sweets, Berrymans has you covered with the most delicious recipes and nostalgic, authentic fruit jellies candy that you remember from childhood. No insipid fruit jellies here - our talented team uses huge copper vats filled with bubbling sugar, original recipes and the finest ingredients to create the best possible chewy fruit sweets. You'll really taste the difference when you choose a Berrymans sweet!

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Fruity Sweets

Types of fruity sweets available

Discover a wide range of mouth-watering fruity sweets at Berrymans! Some of our top selling jellied fruit sweets include: - Try pear drops - sweet and tangy, these are true national treasures in the sweet world and their recipe dates back to the 18th century. Discover the finest-tasting pear drops at Berrymans. - Opt for wine gums - another ancient sweet, these colourful, chewy sweets will really make your jaw work as you chew their sweet, sugary jelly and enjoy wonderful fruit flavours, reminiscent of wine. - Discover fruit sherbets - these wonderful boiled sweets have a fizzy sherbet centre and come in a range of fruity flavours. We have a wide range of sherbet sweets if you just can't resist the fizz! - Indulge in yorkshire mixture - no two jars are ever the same with this pick 'n mix of fruity sweets, including humbugs, fruit rock, pear drops and more. You'll love the variety and fruity flavours.

FAQ about fruit sweets in the UK

What is meant by fruity?

When we talk about jellied fruit sweets, we're referring to jelly sweets with fruit flavours such as cherry, peach, banana, orange and apple. Delicious!

What are the best fruit flavoured sweets?

Our customers all love fruit jellies candy, and tend to stock up on pear drops, lemon bonbons, jelly beans, pineapple cubes, sour apples, and fruit caramels.

Where to buy fruity sweets?

The best place to buy jellied fruit sweets is Berrymans! We make wonderful, nostalgic sweets just as you remember them from childhood; sweet, flavoursome and absolutely delicious!

Discover the finest fruit sweets in the UK

Berrymans Sweets are a premium retro confectionery brand in the UK. We offer the best of retro sweets and aim to give our customers sweets that taste "just how they used to". Whatever era you were lucky enough to grow up in, we know that you'll remember the distinctive, mouth-watering taste of real, authentic sweets - and we provide that experience with the finest ingredients, authentic recipes and perfect results, every time. Even better, we offer free delivery on every order!