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Mint Sweets

Mint Sweets

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Mint sweets: from the corner shop to the car glovebox, a firm favourite!

Our customers love mint sweets, from Everton Sweets to Chocolate Fondants, and the team of experts at Berrymans have risen to the challenge with the finest, mintiest, sweetest and generally most delicious range of mints available on the market today. Find out why we have an average 4.9 star review from our happy customers!

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Mint Sweets

Types of mint sweets available

Our range of wonderful mint sweets includes top sellers such as:

- Mint fondants - deliciously minty, soft white sweets with a soft fondant finish, perfect for whenever you want a pick-me-up! Our mint fondants are always a top-selling mint sweet from our range.

- Mint imperials - A great gift and a popular after-dinner treat, our imperial mints have a crispy hard shell and a melt-in-the-mouth minty interior. Even better, we only use three ingredients in our imperial mints for minty goodness and no nasty chemicals!

- Chocolate peppermint creams - fondant mint covered in rich dark chocolate, our soft mint chocolate peppermints have been made according to tradition for over 100 years, and they're a top-selling treat today.

- Mint crumbles - We make our mint crumbles with real mint, and the resulting crumbly texture is a real hit with our young and older customers alike! Our mint crumble sweets are like nothing else you can buy on the high street and we're confident that they're the best around!

- Mint humbugs - We sell the finest boiled sweets with the classic chewy centre, made to an original recipe and a staple in the car glovebox!

What to know about mint sweets in the UK

What are mint sweets for?

Everyone has their favourite mint sweet, perhaps to freshen breath after a meal, for an energising pick-me-up, to serve after dinner as a treat or simply because they love mints sweets!

Why is mint candy so good?

Loving your mints sweets? We totally understand! Mint candy is so delicious because it's made with energising, fresh and zingy peppermint, mint or spearmint - we use natural flavours for the best possible results.

Does mint candy help with sore throat?

Yes, some mints sweets can help with a sore throat, especially if they are combined with natural medicinal ingredients.

Where to buy mint flavoured sweets?

Whether you're craving mint imperials or mint crumble sweets, Berrymans is your first choice for the finest mint sweets in the UK! Our hard, boiled, chewy and soft mint range is made with the finest ingredients, traditional recipes and natural flavours for the finest mint sweets available on the market today.