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Aniseed Sweets

Aniseed Sweets

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When you crave the nostalgic taste of aniseed sweets, look no further than Berrymans! We're a proud manufacturer of some of the finest bullseye sweets, aniseed ball sweets, jelly spogs and aniseed rock in the UK, and we're really proud of our wonderful recipes. Our customers love what we do too and have given our confectionery an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot.

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Aniseed Sweets

Aniseed Sweets - A Rich and Pungent Flavour Evoking Childhood Memories

If you love the aniseed flavour, you're in luck at Berrymans! We have a fantastic range of authentic recipe aniseed balls, aniseed twists, coltsfoot rock, aniseed rock, liquorice, jelly spogs, and aniseed and kopp kops, all designed to bring back those nostalgic memories of the 70s and 80s. You'll never have to worry about weak, insipid flavours when you shop with us. We guarantee to manufacture the best-tasting sweets from the most authentic ingredients and using traditional recipes with secret formulations that we work tirelessly to perfect. You can buy aniseed sweets in the UK with total confidence when you go directly to Berrymans, one of the best specialist confectionery manufacturers in the business.


What flavour is anise candy?

Anise candy is another name for aniseed candy, and when you buy aniseed twists sweets or aniseed rock, you buy a sweet, delicious taste of this ancient herb. It has similarities with star anise, fennel, liquorice, and tarragon and the herb is wonderfully pungent and a bit of an acquired taste. We find that our customers tend to get hooked on our real aniseed sweets and then never look back.

What sweets taste like aniseed?

Any good aniseed sweet will be packed with the wonderful rich and pungent flavour of aniseed, balanced with sugar and other ingredients that make a sweet delicious, whether that's a sweet and creamy aniseed blackjack, or a chewy and rich aniseed toffee with the perfect blend of buttery sugar and sharp aniseed.

Is aniseed the same as liquorice?

An aniseed ball may have similarities with liquorice allsorts, but there are some differences in the flavour profile too. For example, liquorice is more bitter and sharper to taste than aniseed. Although aniseed sweets are strong, they tend not to overpower as liquorice sweets do.

Are aniseed sweets good for you?

Anise, the ingredient in aniseed, does have useful health benefits. For example, it's rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, and is used holistically to treat conditions as diverse as depression, stomach complaints and symptoms of menopause.

Where to buy aniseed sweets?

When you want to buy aniseed sweets in the UK, head directly to Berrymans rather than your local supermarket. If you're serious about the rich, mouthwatering flavours of sharp, tangy aniseed then Berrymans is the place to go for authentic, delicious sweets sold in confectionery jars and with free delivery to sweeten your purchase even further! For the finest range of aniseed balls sweets, bullseye sweets and aniseed twist sweets, don't waste time with insipid aniseed twists sweets at your local supermarket! Our customers tell us that they struggled to find aniseed sweets that tasted as they remember from childhood... until they found Berrymans! Our aniseed balls sweets and twists are packed with delicious, mouthwatering flavours and real ingredients designed to bring back those wonderful experiences and memories of childhood. Our customers tell us that they remember the delicious nostalgic sweets from their childhoods in the 70s and 80s, when the summers were endless and life was simple. Whether you spent your childhood skateboarding or BMXing, skipping, playing hopscotch or playing in the park, the chances are you spent your pocket money at the corner shop where the aniseed twist sweets and balls were stored in traditional tall jars - mouthwatering, enticing and utterly reminiscent of the pleasures of childhood. Even if your own childhood occurred at a different time, we bet you remember the incomparable taste of a real aniseed sweet filled with flavour and crunchy sugar, rather than weak chemicals.

Discover the very best aniseed sweets at Berrymans

Berrymans Sweets is a premium, retro confectionery brand based here in the UK. We live and breathe authentic, retro sweets and we work tirelessly to create the finest recipes and formulations that will delight our customers. When we create a new aniseed sweet range, we always work to keep perfecting our recipes with the finest ingredients and techniques. Our confectionery professionals work with huge copper vats to melt sugar and other wonderful ingredients for that perfect flavour and finish; whether it's a crisp and crunchy or soft and chewy retro sweet finish. And naturally, our staff all try and test our sweets too! In fact, we know we're onto a winner with a new aniseed sweet when our own staff tell us that they're delicious and ready to roll out!