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The Interesting History Of Pear Drops

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When you love traditional sweets, it's great to understand some of the history behind your favourites! One of the most enduring retro candy icons is the pear drop, and the history of pear drops is well worth taking a look at!

History of Pear Drops

They may be one of the most iconic and enduring of retro sweets, but what do we know about the history of pear drops? Their origins actually date back to the early nineteenth century, when they were invented in Egland, by an innovative candy maker in the city of York.

Who Invented Pear Drops?

Many sweets evolve over the years from traditional recipes and others are created by brands as modern releases - but what about a timeless sweet such as this? Who invented pear drops? History tells us that the first pear drops were created by Edward Sharp, who was a confectioner based in York. He was known for creating innovative new sweets, and Pear Drops were certainly an example of this, with no other sweet quite like them available at the time - or indeed, today. The first pear drops were made with sugar, water and pear flavours, and they were originally created to be hard candies. Over time, soft and chewy versions were created too. Their popularity was instant and they rapidly became hotly in demand all across the UK and into overseas markets. Since then, their appeal has never wavered, and they remain as relevant today as they were in the 19th century, when far fewer types of sweet existed.

Did You Know?

Pear drops were originally thought to be good for your health, and recommended as an aid for sore throats and coughs. This could be because the sugary sweet helped to soothe the throat whilst providing a comforting sweet pear flavour. Sweets can also be handy if you ever suffer from low blood sugar or need a glucose boost after intense exercise or a dizzy spell. The glucose hit can help to provide that spike of energy that you might occasionally need. And for broader health benefits, you can choose sugar-free pear drops so you can enjoy a larger handful without worry! The earliest batches of pear drops were sold in small brown paper wraps or bags, but today they might be sold in traditional candy striped bags or in traditionally styled confectionery jars, such as the jars in which we sell our traditional sweets at Berrymans.

Pear Drops in popular culture

Pear drops are so iconic that they have even been referenced in literature by the famous author and poet Roald Dahl, who references their 'exciting and dangerous' taste in his autobiography, 'Boy'. With their red and yellow colours, pear shape and delicate white sugar dusting, they are certainly beautiful to look at and just as desirable and delectable as they were when originally created.

Enjoying Pear Drops Today

If you love nothing more than the delicate, mouthwatering flavour of fruity pear drops, you'll be delighted to know that we make ours to a traditional recipe using real ingredients and fresh sugar for the finest, fullest flavour. But we also offer sugar free pear drops which are a great option for anyone following a special diet or simply looking to reduce their sugar intake. You'll be delighted to know that our sugar free pear drops have the wonderful taste of the originals, but with a great-tasting sweetener. We make all of our sweets with the utmost care, and our pear drops will take you right back to your childhood with their wonderful taste.

Stock Up on Pear Drops at Berrymans

So now you know the history of Pear Drops, why not treat yourself to a large confectionery jar filled with either the hard original, soft and chewy pear drops version or the sugar-free pear drops version? We offer free delivery on all orders from our website, as well as the Berrymans Promise, for your total satisfaction guaranteed. Find out why our customers have rated us 4.95/5 on Trustpilot!