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Delving Into The World Of Vegan Sweets

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Delving Into The World Of Vegan Sweets

If you love traditional and retro sweets, but follow a vegan diet, you might have assumed that many of them are no longer suitable for your way of eating. But the good news is, when you choose an independent confectionery maker like Berrymans, you get to enjoy all of the taste of wonderful nostalgic candies just as you remember them from childhood, but with clear labelling and a large range of vegan sweets. We know that many of our customers follow special diets for a variety of reasons, which is why we work hard to produce sweet ranges that provide all of the flavour and experience, but without animal ingredients in many cases. And we clearly label everything, too, so you can immediately see what might be suitable for your diet, and what you'll want to skip.

Why Do Some Customers Want Vegan Sweets?

When you follow a vegan diet, you'll naturally be cutting out all animal-derived products. These can appear very readily in some traditional candies. For example, milk, eggs, gelatine, butter and honey can appear in sweets such as toffee, chocolate and caramels. But the Berrymans product range is huge, and we have wonderful sweets that our vegan customers love to stock up on - fulfilling all of their dreams of nostalgic candy experiences, but without the worry that comes with choosing unlabelled sweets without that comfort in the ingredients list. Trust Berrymans to provide reliably vegan sweets of the highest quality and with the clearest labelling. What's more, our customer service team is always happy to provide information and answer questions so that you'll be really confident in your purchases.

Sweet and Delicate Pear Drops

One of the best examples of vegan confectionery has to be pear drops! Ours are made just the way the traditional recipes call for - with real sugar, glucose syrup, a pinch of citric acid and real colours and flavourings for that delicious pear flavour.

Zingy and Fun Cola Cubes

How's this for a classic sweet that brings back memories of corner shops and pick 'n mixes! Our cola cubes are made with real sugar and fresh ingredients using huge copper vats for a really authentic finish. You can even choose between crunchy and chewy varieties depending on what most floats your cola boat!

Refreshing Mint Imperials

If you love mint, you'll absolutely adore our mint imperials. They are fresh, cooling and utterly, utterly minty, with their chewy finish and soft white finish. Delectable and ideal for vegan diets, they are made with only three ingredients - sugar, peppermint flavour and a little acacia gum for that wonderful chewy interior that is covered with a crisp shell.

Fizzy Cola Bottles

These are just pure fun, and our fizzy cola bottles are also free from any animal ingredients, making them a very popular choice of vegan confectionery. We always sell out fast, so we're forever making fresh batches of these fizzy, sour and sweet treats.

Stock Up On Your Vegan Confectionery Today

To see the latest range of vegan sweets, simply click on the drop down in the menu so you can see the entire collection: You'll be amazed at how extensive the range is! Our sweets make a great present for any vegan friends, and they all come with free delivery and traditionally styled confectionery jars with a lid and mouth just wide enough to stuff an adult hand inside and swiftly grab a handful every time you pass that kitchen countertop. All of our sweets also come with the Berrymans guarantee, so you can buy with complete peace of mind. You'll quickly find out why we have an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot - our customers love us! Why not treat yourself to some vegan sweets at Berrymans today and experience a flavour and experience that goes far beyond anything you'd ever find on the high street?