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The Endless Appeal of Peanut Brittle

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Introduction to Nut Brittle

If you're a fan of nuts and candy, you'll probably love nut brittle. It's most commonly found as peanut brittle in the UK, and it's a confectionery that has been around since everyone remembers, often with recipes that have been handed down through the generations. Let's take a closer look.

The Origins of Peanut Brittle

Although nut brittle has been around for years, its origins are unclear but the most likely version seems to be that it originated from the American Deep South, when a woman was trying to prepare a batch of taffy. Taffy is a candy that is made by pulling or stretching a sticky mix of soft candy. This is made with butter, boiled sugar, cream of tartar, oil, flavourings and colours until tiny bubbles are produced and the candy is fluffy, light and chewy. However, when the cook went to grab cream of tartar to add to the taffy, she accidentally grabbed the baking soda. This means that, instead of creating soft and stretchy candy taffy, she ended up with a hard and crisp block of cooling brittle candy. Rather than wasting it, she added some peanuts and snapped the finished candy into pieces, creating the first-ever nut brittle. Although this origin story seems the most plausible, there are other legends that persist about how peanut brittle was first made. For example, some people believe it was created by another American folk hero called Tony Beaver, who was a lumberjack with a huge supply of massive peanuts. When a severe rainstorm hit, the local river banks threatened to break, and Tony acted by dumping his stash of peanuts and molasses into the river, creating an emergency dam. This saved the day but blocked the village's water supplies (no good deed goes unpunished!), and the villagers chipped away at the hard and crunchy mass... before deciding to taste it and realising they had a new candy on their hands - peanut brittle! Whatever you choose to believe about the beginnings of this delicious nutty sweet - and we can guarantee that someone's grandma will claim to have invented it here in the UK - it's a wonderful treat and quite unique in the world of sweets. It's also a perennial favourite at Berrymans, and our customers know that we make ours using traditional recipes and real ingredients for the finest flavour and finish.

The Different Versions of Nut Brittle

There are various kinds of nut brittle, but all are made with a candy base that resembles toffee. This cools to a crisp, snappy base that can be broken into brittle chunks - hence the name. Here in the UK, we tend to think of peanut brittle, but you can make or find various kinds of nut alternatives around the world, including almond brittle and mixed nut brittle. Basically, all kinds of nuts work amazingly well with toffee, so this is a no-fail taste combination!

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