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The Best Sweets For Weddings

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When you're planning a wedding, you want it to be a joyous, beautiful occasion with plenty of thoughtful touches that your guests will love and remember. That's why so many people choose to include retro sweets for weddings in their big day, whether that's as part of their invitations, the celebrations on the day itself, or the favour fillers and gifts that are shared to say thank you.

Why Couples Love Sweets For Weddings

Retro sweets are perfect on so many levels. Firstly, they are packed with nostalgia, flavour and charm, and guests love them. They are cost-effective, colourful and fun, and there's such a huge range of sweets for weddings to choose from, whether you're looking for wedding favours or sweets to fill up a 'pick and mix' style feature on the day for children.

What Are The Best Wedding Sweets?

Here are some of the best wedding sweets we always stock up on in advance of wedding season, as we know our customers absolutely love them.

Love Heart Mini Rolls

Who doesn't love love heart mini rolls with their nostalgic wrapping, sweet candy colours and cute little love themed messages? Love heart mini rolls are always very popular at weddings, particularly as wedding favours, and they definitely rank amongst the best wedding sweets.

Heart Throbs

These iconic heart-shaped jelly sweets are completely synonymous with love and look beautiful in glass bowls for the big day or in small paper bags for the children. Heart throbs feature a bright red strawberry jelly heart on top of a foam heart shaped base, and they are at once flavoursome, utterly moreish and deliciously chewy. They look lovely on top of tiny cakes as well as in love themed pick and mix displays. Why not fill a traditional cart with large sweet jars, scoops and pretty striped paper bags so that guests and children can make their own pick and mix combinations on the day?

Popular as Favour Fillers - Sugared Almonds

Sugared almonds have been around for centuries, since they were created in the 17th century by the head chef of Marshal du Plessis-Praslin in France. Their association is now incredibly strong with weddings, and sugared almonds are often used traditionally in displays and wedding food. Nothing looks prettier than a fancy glass plate or bowl with some sweet and delicate sugared almonds with their crispy sugared shell and real almond centre, and their pastel colours tend to work perfectly for wedding décor themes as well.

Parma Violets

Delicately lilac and flavoured with the iconic violet inspired taste, parma violets will take your guests right back to their childhood, and our versions are based on original recipes and real ingredients for that exact taste you remember from those simpler days. Wrapped in their sweet little packets, parma violets look great presented in small paper cones and they make great wedding favours or treats for guests on the day.

Sweets For Wedding Favours

All of the sweets above also make fantastic wedding favours, and you could buy your own pick and mix materials from our extensive range and combine them to make your own wedding favours. These favour fillers are inexpensive but filled with charm, colour and delicious sweet flavours, and their taste will bring back so many welcome memories for your guests.

Best Wedding Sweets For Special Diets

If your guests are on special diets of any kind, don't worry either, as Berrymans has got a fantastic range of sweets that suit all needs, but which are still packed with the same intense, full and delicious sweet flavours so no one will know the difference. See our collections of gluten free sweets and sugar free sweets for plenty of inspiration! We have wedding sweets that are vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, gluten free and sugar free and we mark these sweets clearly on the website so you can find exactly what you need with ease. If you have any questions or need some advice, our friendly team is also on hand to help. Look for the icons on our product pages that give you more information, as well as our detailed ingredient information so you always know what you're buying.

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Check out the huge range of traditional retro sweets on sale at Berrymans today. We are always making fresh batches of our traditional candies at our factory in Lancashire, using original recipes and real ingredients to get the best possible results. Our confectionery experts use huge copper vats filled with bubbling sugar to make the most delicious sweets, which we sell in large traditional confectionery jars. Even better, we offer free delivery on all orders! All of our sweets also come with the Berrymans Promise so you know you're buying the finest quality with complete peace of mind. So why not discover why we have an average review of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot and discover the Berrymans difference today!