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The Best Sweets for Baby Showers

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Baby showers are the perfect opportunity for a celebration, and delicious retro sweets are the ideal fun gift for the expectant mum and other guests. At Berrymans, we have a wonderful range of sweets for a baby shower, including pink sweets and blue sweets if you know the gender, or yellow sweets if you're keeping it a secret! We know a lot of our baby shower customers like to buy delicious sweets to make up little favours and gifts for guests and also to provide some delicious treats during the event itself. So, let's take a look at some of the best baby shower sweets in our range!

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There are plenty of great sweets for a baby shower, whether your guests love jellies, bonbons, gummies or fizzers. And at Berrymans, we're proud to make the finest sweets on the market, right here at our factory in Lancashire. Our experts use real ingredients, fresh sugar and traditional recipes to craft sweets that taste as you remember from childhood, packed with rich, full flavour and finished to perfection. Why not try some of these sweets for a baby shower:

Bubblegum Bonbons - Blue Sweets and Pink Sweets

Classic bubblegum bonbons are such a treat, with their chewy, bubblegum fun and sweet, full flavours. We also have colours to suit every kind of baby shower, such as our blue raspberry bon bons and strawberry bonbons, so you can theme your colours to suit the occasion! Why not fill pretty glass jars with these sweet and colourful treats, which look just as good as they taste.

Heart Throbs

Heart throbs are filled with love and great for a party or gathering. These beautifully retro sweets are definitely one of the best baby shower sweets, with their sweet red gummy top and white foam bottom, created in the shape of a perfect heart. Each heart throb is wonderfully sweet and smooth, with a delicious strawberry flavour and plenty of love for the happy occasion. Jelly Babies - the best baby shower sweets? What could be better for a baby shower than a baby-themed sweet? Everyone knows and adores jelly babies, with their cute little designs and delicious sweet flavours. There's something about the flavour of a jelly baby that is really quite distinct, and we've managed to capture the best of that nostalgic, retro taste so you really will feel that you're transported back in time when you grab a handful.

Themed sweets for a baby shower

How about some themed sweets for a baby shower that bring some humour to the occasion? Try our:

Sour Dummies

With the dummy flavour, the iconic design and the wonderfully sour, sweet flavour that will make you grimace! These sour dummies are a lot of fun for baby showers, and they can be incorporated into gift bags and games with ease.

Milk Bottles

If there's anything you associate with a new born it has to be a milk bottle! So, stock up on these iconic milk and strawberry flavour sweets with their pastel colours and wonderful soft flavour. Our milk bottles are made with the finest ingredients and traditional recipes, and - as with all Berrymans sweets - we taste test everything to make sure we're 100% happy with our work.

The Best Baby Shower Sweets

Whether you're looking for blue sweets, pink sweets, white sweets, yellow sweets or any other colour for your baby shower, we've got everything that you need at Berrymans. Even better, our delicious and nostalgic sweets are sold in traditionally-styled confectionery jars, which look beautiful lined up on a table for an occasion. Alternatively, why not fill colourful paper bags with pretty colourful sweets for the baby shower, or even have bowls and a scoop with a traditional style sweet stall for the occasion? As well as selling our baby shower sweets in confectionery jars, we offer free delivery on all orders, and we aim to get all orders sent from our Lancashire factory as quickly as possible, so you can order at short notice and still stock up on your blue and pink sweets with plenty of time before the occasion. Looking for inspiration? Our website is packed with dozens of delicious sweets and you'll discover plenty of new ones, as well as rediscover all the old favourites from your childhood. Made with fresh sugar, real ingredients and the finest confectionery-making techniques, our traditional and retro sweets are the real deal! Why not find out why our customers have offered a 4.5 rating out of five at Trustpilot? You can buy from us with complete peace of mind, as all of our orders and sweets are backed up with the Berrymans Promise for your total peace of mind. Stock up now for that baby shower and guarantee happy guests!