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Nostalgic Summer Holidays Sweets From Our Childhood

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Nostalgic Summer Holidays Sweets From Our Childhood Summer may feel like a long way away at this time of year, but what better way to bring some sunshine and joy into our lives than with some delicious retro sweets packed with nostalgia, rich flavours and wonderful sweetness? At Berrymans, we have a fantastic selection of summer holiday sweets, which are also great for treating the kids (and adults) at weekends, for bank holidays, and generally at any time when a candy hit will bring a pop of joy to the day. So which are the school holiday sweets you remember spending your pocket money on? These are some of our hot favourites and top sellers!

Flying Saucers - the classic childhood sweet

Everyone remembers the joy of flying saucers! A pastel-coloured wafer saucer filled with fizzy, zingy sherbet designed to make your mouth sing! Flying saucers are an absolute joy and we make them in just the way you remember from those glory days.

Rainbow Belts - school holiday sweets for endless fun

Loop them, plait them, undo them and devour them, our rainbow belts are packed with all the colours and flavours of the rainbow and sprinkled in delicious real sugar! These summer sweets look as good as they come and they're a top-seller for a reason. These make particularly good summer holiday sweets as they last for a long time and are especially useful on car journeys when the kids need something to occupy them. Challenge them to make the best possible shapes that they can.

Jelly Snakes - the ultimate pranking summer holiday sweets

Prank your younger siblings and enjoy a sweet and fruity treat with our generously sized jelly snakes. These wonderful treats taste divine and are filled with rich, full flavour. Put a tub of these on your kitchen worktop for a fun treat that will delight the kids over the summer bank holiday.

Watermelon Slices - just like the real thing

Our watermelon slices are absolute works of art and almost too good to eat... almost! Designed to look like delicious and mouth-watering real slices of fruity watermelon, our watermelon slices are packed with fruity flavour and finished in red, white and green with a crunchy sugar coating. Sweet and completely moreish!

Pick & mix sweets - packed with variety

Who remembers running to the corner shop to spend their pocket money on summer bank holiday sweets as a kid? Nothing beat the value and choice of pick n mix sweets, and the time spent choosing the best possible value and combination of delicious penny and tuppenny sweets to fill your paper bag. Whether you loved jelly sweets, foam sweets, gummy sweets or chewy sweets, you were guaranteed the best possible treat on a sunny day.

Stock up on summer sweets today

At Berrymans, we guarantee that our sweets are the best tasting you'll find anywhere. Forget insipid high street sweets, because ours are the real deal and exactly as you remember from childhood. Berrymans sweets are packed with real ingredients and fresh sugar for a deep, rich and strong flavour packed with deliciousness. Even better, we use traditional recipes and make everything at our Lancashire factory using huge copper vats filled with bubbling sugar. Our confectionery experts test everything they make, and we only sell sweets that we're 100% proud of. So, for real, nostalgic summer holiday sweets, just like the ones you remember buying with your pocket money as a kid, head to Berrymans. With free delivery on all orders and authentic confectionery-style jars, you'll also enjoy a sweet deal and a real treat direct to your door! Try the Berrymans difference today.

Maximise your summer bank holiday sweets

Check out our delivery boxes and hampers too, filled with authentic and nostalgic school holiday sweets with all of the flavour, variety, tradition and joy you could imagine. We include post-box size gift boxes packed with sweets, candies, bonbons and confectionery that will delight kids aged 5-105.

Discover new summer bank holiday sweets

Why not browse through our website for the full range of Berrymans sweets because we guarantee you'll find sweets that you've never even heard of, including regional favourites and sweets of yore. Why not check out the retro rock collection, for example? If you love the taste of the seaside, you'll be transported back to those childhood summer holidays when you get a taste of our rock.

Summer holiday sweets for special diets

Even better, we have a wide range of sugar-free, vegan-friendly and vegetarian sweets so everyone can enjoy the delicious taste of real confectionery at Berrymans. Why not treat yourself or a loved one today to the best possible treat for the summer? Discover why we have an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.95, and try the Berrymans range today.