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Retro Sweet Gifts For Father's Day

Retro Sweet Gifts For Father's Day

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This year, Father's Day in the UK falls on 16th June. As a celebration, it's marked on a Sunday in summer every year and it's the perfect occasion to recognise and celebrate all the Dads in our lives, as well as Grandads, Uncles, Brothers, Step-Dads and other males who play an important role. What better way is there to mark the day than by choosing sweets as your Father's day gift?

Of all the present ideas for Dad, sweets are a great choice because everyone loves them and has their favourites. Even better, when you're picking a Fathers day gift that will hit the mark, Berrymans comes to the rescue with a superb range of traditional, retro sweets that will delight Dads everywhere!

Our sweets are all made with real ingredients and fresh sugar for a rich, full flavour that never disappoints. We make everything at our Lancashire factory using huge bubbling copper vats filled with sugar and our confectionery experts taste test everything to ensure they are delighted with the results.

Whether your Dad loves aniseed sweets, foam sweets or fizzy sweets, we have dozens of candies that you'll remember from childhood and probably many more that you've never tried before either, so be prepare to experience a taste sensation when you shop with us.

Gifts For 70's Dads

Our 70s sweets include absolute classic such as aniseed twists and midget gems for that authentic flavour and nostalgic experience of childhood recreated.

Gifts For 80's Dads

Head back to the 80s when you could buy sweets by the penny and treat your 80s Dads with 80s sweets such as delectable dolly mixture and unique pontefract cakes. We're proud to make sweets that many confectioners have forgotten about and we have a huge range of flavours, from pineapple rock to strawberry bonbons. Why not order a mix of favourites and add some new discoveries into the mix?

Gifts For Dads Who Miss The Way Things Used To Be

Our retro sweets category is packed with popular gems for ideal Fathers day presents that will instantly transport him to the innocent times of childhood, whether he sped around on his BMX or gamed with his mates. Check out top-selling nostalgic candies such as our flavour-packed toffee crumble nibbles and rhubarb & custard sweets.

Gifts For Vegetarian & Vegan Dads

If your Dad is vegan or vegetarian then don't worry at all! Our vegan sweets and vegetarian sweets category includes absolute top-selling classics such as fizzy cola bottles and pear drops, but without gelatine, milk, butter or animal-derived products. Our vegan and vegetarian sweets have all of the flavour without any of the animal-based ingredients.

Gifts For Diabetic Dads

Don't let a sugar-free diet spoil his fun either! Our sugar free sweets make wonderful Fathers day gift ideas, and include delicious reimagined classics such as sugar free sherbet lemons and sugar free blackcurrant & liquorice sweets. We use a safe sweetener that doesn't raise blood sugar, so he can enjoy our delicious sugar free sweets with ease.


What should I get my dad for Father's Day?

Looking for Fathers day gift ideas? Why not check out the Berrymans sweet hampers range for a fantastic delivery box packed with sweets and chocolates that will delight Dad?

How do I choose a gift for my dad?

Browse the Berrymans website for the finest confectionery Fathers day presents available. Our gifts for Dad all come in confectionery boxes with free delivery. You'll find everything from gluten free sweets to fizzy and sour sweets for sale at Berrymans.

What are healthy snacks for Father's Day?

Why not check out our sugar free sweets for healthy present ideas for Dad? All the fun & flavour of his favourite childhood treats but with none of the sugar!

Buy The Best Father's Day Sweets Today!

You'll love the huge range of sweet gifts for Dad on sale at Berrymans. Even better, every sweet for sale from our Lancashire factory comes with the Berrymans promise for total satisfaction and free delivery too to sweeten the deal even further. Find out why we have an average score of 4.9 at Trustpilot and experience the Berrymans difference today.