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Retro Sweets Gifts for Easter

Retro Sweets Gifts for Easter

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Discover the Berrymans Easter Sweets Selection

Everyone loves the feel of springtime, with the sun making a welcome reappearance, spring flowers blooming and lambs playing in the fields. It's also the season of Easter, which is a beautiful and ancient celebration of life, and is associated with plenty of fun things such as bunnies, pastel colours, family time, spring decorations and delicious food. However you choose to celebrate Easter, it's also a great time to have some fun with loved ones, get outdoors and enjoy little gifts together. After a long winter, Easter is the time to enjoy everything good about the warmer seasons to come. At Berrymans, we know many of our customers like to treat themselves and their loved ones to pretty colourful sweets at Easter, whether to gift, decorate cakes or sprinkle around a family table for Easter Sunday lunch. Let's take a look at some of our most popular selling lines at this time of year.

Chocolate Mini Eggs

Did you know that the origins of chocolate mini eggs are over 150 years old, as they were first commissioned by Queen Victoria? These delicious little eggs have a creamy and sweet milk chocolate centre and crisp, colourful sugar shells, which are designed to look like tiny pastel-coloured eggs. Chocolate mini eggs are famously linked to Easter because of their egg connotations, and they are ideal for gifting and for decorating cakes and bakes for the holiday period. Kids absolutely love them! Check out our chocolate mini eggs sold in large confectionery jars.

Fried Eggs

Eggs have always been symbolic at Easter for their representation of new life, and we always find that our fried eggs sweets are a top seller too. Our fried eggs are egg-shaped jelly and foam sweets that are generously sized and created with real ingredients and fresh sugar using traditional recipes. They taste wonderful and also come in large confectionery jars, so you can grab a handful at any time. All of our sweets are made at our factory in Lancashire using traditional ingredients and huge copper vats of sugar, and you'll really taste the difference in comparison with bland high street sweets.

Jelly Beans

Pretty, fun and just deliciously sweet and fruity, jelly beans have been around since the late 1800s when they were placed on large plates with colourful sweet eggs at Easter to delight children. Their soft sweet centre descends from Turkish Delight which is a treat that dates back to biblical times, so the origins of jelly beans really can be traced far back! Our customers love them, and we make sure our jelly beans are a truly delicious fruity treat.

BonBon Sweets

Another perfect Easter treat, we have bonbons sweets in plenty of pastel colours, flavours and finishes, including sugar-free and special diet versions so everyone can enjoy an Easter treat. You'll see the ingredients we use too on each candy product page so you can look for sweets that suit special diets and preferences, including gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly. We want everyone to enjoy the real taste of traditional sweets at Berrymans, so we work hard to make delicious, nostalgic candies and bonbons for every dietary need.

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Whether you're looking to fill your own Easter eggs with delicious Easter sweets, or replace chocolate Easter eggs with traditional sweets, the team at Berrymans has you covered. We make the most delicious retro traditional sweets using fresh sugar and real ingredients so that our candies taste exactly as you remember them from childhood. You'll find a huge range of sweets that you remember from your youth and plenty that you may never have tried before. Whether you want Easter chocolate sweets to melt into chocolate brownies, sugary pastel foam sweets and rock to decorate the Easter table, or pretty jelly babies to use for gifts, we have everything you need with the finest, fullest flavours and the best possible customer service. Find out why our TrustPilot reviews are so positive and enjoy free delivery on all of your Berrymans orders too. Once you try Berrymans sweets, you'll never be satisfied with insipid high street alternatives again - go to where the real, sweet, full and nostalgic candies are and order your Easter sweets online at Berrymans today!