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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas For Mum

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas For Mum

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This year, Mother's Day in the UK falls on Sunday, March 10th, which means we still have a little time to order some beautiful sweets for the fantastic mums, aunties and women in our lives. We know our customers love to buy traditional and nostalgic sweets as gifts for Mother's Day, and these thoughtful gifts are always appreciated. After all, everyone remembers the taste of real, richly-flavoured, iconic sweets of childhood and our mums no doubt spent their own pocket money on pick 'n mix at the corner shop when they were young. So why not treat them to memories of those halcyon days with a taste of their favourite candies, whether your Mum loves jellies, bonbons, boiled sweets, gummies or sherbets?

Which Berrymans sweets will you choose?

We have a fantastic range of Berrymans confectionery and candies to choose from. Perhaps your Mum loves toffees, or your Grandma loves rock? Maybe your Auntie loves gummies, and your Step-Mum adores fizzy sweets? Whatever their taste, you'll find something to delight in in our extensive range, which is full of all the sweets you remember from childhood, as well as plenty you might never have tasted before! Why not buy a selection for the wonderful women in your life? You might also want to look at our classic sweets collection, filled with delicious favourites such as peanut brittle, jelly spogs and chocolate peanuts. This is a great place to start if you're not sure which sweets to choose but want to make sure they're a winner.

Gift hampers for Mother's Day

We also have a fantastic range of gift hampers, with options that are filled with either sweets or chocolates to suit your loved one's tastes. Our Ultimate Chocolate Hamper Gift Box is a wonderful gift for a chocolate lover, with 18 wonderful full-sized bars to enjoy. For traditional sweet lovers, why not check out our Jumbo Sweets Hamper Gift Box, packed with retro sweets and presented in a beautiful box that is sized to go through a post-box?

Delicious boiled sweets that last

We have pear drops, cola cubes, chocolate limes and everything in between in our range of long-lasting, mouth-watering boiled sweets. Even better, we also have plenty of sugar-free sweets if the women in your life are avoiding sugar for health or dietary reasons. See our full range of boiled sweets and candies.

Sweets for special diets

We also have plenty of sweets that cater for special diets and we provide plenty of information about this on our product pages, so you can see which sweets are free from sugar, gelatine and dairy, as well as which are vegetarian-friendly and vegan-friendly. In some cases, we have modified the best original sweet recipes to make sugar-free versions so that you get to enjoy all of the flavours that you love but without the worry of sugar. These are ideal for diabetic customers and for anyone following a special diet.

Free delivery on every order

For retro sweets from the 70s, 80s and 90s we are proud to be the finest providers of those nostalgic, flavour-packed sweets you remember from childhood. We're also delighted to offer free delivery on every order, too, so you have so many reasons to try Berrymans today and delight your Mum on Mother's Day! If you need any assistance with your order, our friendly and helpful customer services team is always there to help, so please do get in touch. Join over 500,000 happy customers today!