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Retro Sweets

Retro Sweets

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Who doesn't love the idea of popping into their favourite retro sweet shop to pick up a paper twist of retro sweet favourites or to treat themselves to a whopping retro sweet hamper filled with some of the most delicious and flavoursome boiled sweets, toffees, chews, sherbets or melts?

Our customers tell us that some of their favourite retro UK sweets include peanut brittle, aniseed twists, blackcurrant and liquorice, white mice, coconut mushrooms, sherbet lemons and spearmint chews, so we've worked hard to recreate their absolute childhood favourites with the best flavours and finest recipes, all made by experts in the field!

Even better, we sell our UK retro sweets in stylish retro sweet jars that will remind you of the corner shop... and if a retro sweet jar just isn't big enough for your passion (or you're gifting), then check out our retro sweet hamper and retro sweets gift range.

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Retro Sweets

Rekindle Your Youth with the Best Retro Sweets From Berrymans

Our top-selling range of retro sweet shop favourites

Check out our absolutely mouth-watering and delicious retro sweets, whether you crave sweets from the 70s or 80s. Remember, too, that every retro sweet jar is delivered for free, and you can find wonderful retro sweet gifts if you're looking to treat a loved one. Some of our biggest sellers include: Cola cubes - Cooked to perfection with classic recipes, copper pans and crunchy interiors, just as they should be.

Coconut mushrooms - Can you believe these tasty, chewy mushrooms date back to the 1900s? Find them tasting just as they should at Berrymans.

Strawberry Bon Bons - Strawberry flavoured, crumbly and absolutely mouth-watering, these traditional bonbons are sugar-dusted for traditional enjoyment.

Chewing nuts - These are the ultimate in retro moreish sweets that you can't get easily nowadays. These tiny pieces of toffee are covered in chocolate for a wonderfully tasty treat that just keeps on going.

Dolly Mixtures - With a Victorian history and timeless, childish appeal, Dolly Mixtures aren't just unique in appearance, they also have a wonderful flavour all of their own. Discover them here, just as you remember them, but in a full jar size.

Sugared almonds - Pink, pastel yellow and white sugar-covered almonds make a wonderfully crunchy, filling sweet that you could almost imagine was healthy with the nut in the middle... well, almost. Don't worry; we also sell plenty of sugar-free sweets too if you're watching your sugar intake.

Q. What does retro mean?

When you think about retro sweets in the UK, what do you think of? The sweets you associate with childhood, of course! Whatever your favourite sweet was back in the day, when you had pocket money burning a hole in your pocket, you can guarantee we have the same traditional British sweets for sale at Berrymans today! Even better, we sell retro jars of sweets with free delivery.

Q. What are retro sweets?

Retro UK sweets are the sweets that everyone grew up with, whether you were a child of the 70s or beyond! They are the retro sweets with timeless appeal and that nostalgic flavour that bring to mind the best about being a child.

Q. Where can I buy old fashioned sweets?

For the best selection of retro sweets in the UK, explore Berrymans. We make the finest traditional British sweets for sale in retro sweet jars that bring back memories of the corner shop! Even better, we sell a retro sweets gift line.

Q. What are popular retro sweets?

Everyone has their own favourite UK retro sweets, but some of our favourite retro sweets from the 70s include peanut brittle, aniseed twists, blackcurrant and liquorice, white mice, coconut mushrooms, sherbet lemons and spearmint chews. Who can resist?

Q. What are the oldest British sweets?

Retro sweets have been around for decades in one form or another, and your favourite retro sweets in the UK may even have older origins. For example, pear drops, cough candy, sherbet lemons, rhubarb and custard, marshmallows, candy floss, fruit gums, aniseed twists and fruit pastilles were actually created in Victorian times.

Stock up on the best retro sweets in the UK

As well as selling the finest-tasting sweet in the UK made by expert professionals, using the finest ingredients, rich flavours and traditional copper pans, we're proud to sell a great range of retro sweet gifts. These retro jars of sweets are a wonderful gift in themselves, but we also sell hampers as a really luxurious retro sweet gift for all ages. Berrymans really is your first choice for the finest confectionery, with a huge range of traditional recipes and the best ingredients. Our team of passionate sweet makers have all of the skills and techniques needed to make wonderful sweets that bring back those nostalgic memories that everyone loves. Order online today for fast and free delivery, and check out our huge range of sweets available, with those you remember and some you may never have tried before, including gluten-free and sugar free sweets.