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The Nostalgia of The Sweet Jar

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When it comes to the nostalgic joys of childhood, one of the memories that instantly springs to mind is the local sweet shop, packed with delicious sweets, toffees, candies and chocolates. Most of us remember entering this glorious place from a young age and admiring the shelves of wonderful old fashioned sweet jars, all filled with enticing and colourful treats. Nothing made a weekend more exciting than to enter the sweet shop and wonder which of the jars you'd be dipping into! Would you choose a sweet jar filled with old favourites or treat yourself to something new and exciting for a fresh flavour sensation? No two visits to the local sweet shop were ever the same. Whether you were visiting to spend your money on colourful foil-wrapped toffee pennies or classic confectionery such as Dolly mixture by the handful, sweet shops were filled with excitement and simple joys. And for most of us, that allure still continues today, as we seek out the simpler, easier pleasures of times gone past, when the only things we had to think about were long afternoons on our bikes in the sunshine, and the best way to maximise the paper bag of pick 'n mix sweets for our pocket money.

Old Sweet Shop Childhood Nostalgia

At Berrymans, we know that our customers are seeking these beautiful, nostalgic experiences that bring them joy, and for this reason, we sell our retro sweets in beautiful nostalgic sweet jars that have all the appeal of those old-fashioned jars you remember from childhood. Ours are made from a lighter plastic, so that you can easily lift them, and so that they can be sent in the post. But they can be used time and time again for storage and display purposes, and we love to see them lined up with their attractive design and colourful labels. You'll love the authentic shape, the easy open lids and the tall cylindrical design that is so reminiscent of the sweet jars you remember and love. Why not line them up for a real treat every time children and friends come over to yours?

Creating a Personal Connection

The beautiful thing about old fashioned sweet jars is that they instantly connect us to childhood in a way that feels reassuring, happy and immediate. And that experience of going into a sweet shop as a child is something that unites all of us. When we see nostalgic sweet jars today, it brings back that feeling of excitement and innocence that is wonderfully compelling. It also creates that personal connection to our past and to each other. What better way to treat someone than to gift them a confectionery jar of sweets that they remember from their childhood years? It's such an easy way to create a sense of delight and joy.

Nostalgic Sweet Jars - Great for Events

We also know that our nostalgic sweet jars are very popular for events. Many of our customers buy up selections of our retro sweets in their old fashioned sweet jars, ready to create sweet stands, stalls and barrows for weddings, parties and family gatherings. And because sweets are so beautiful to look at anyway, it's very easy to support any design theme or aesthetic for that milestone birthday event or baby shower. Choose sweets in the colours that will match your scheme, or look for bright wrappers that add sparkle, shine and a captivating finish. They will look wonderful lined up for your event with scoops and paper bags for that distinctive retro pick 'n mix experience that will delight all ages and bring them flocking!

Making a Feature of Old Fashioned Sweet Jars

When your sweet jars are empty, why not restock them with some of our top-selling lines or discover some new confectionery from our extensive, traditional collection. We have dozens of sweets to discover, from classic retro sweets, 70s sweets and pick & mix sweets to more unusual regional favourites that are just waiting to be rediscovered - or discovered afresh! You'll also find plenty of sweets for special diets, including sugar-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, so everyone can enjoy the delicious taste of our traditional candies. Every sweet collection comes in its own traditional confectionery jar ready for display on your own countertop - or to hide away as you prefer! As well as jars of sweets we sell postbox sized decorative boxes of sweets for special occasions, and every order comes with free delivery for even better value. Discover why our customers love Berrymans so much that we've had an average review of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot and over 500,000 customers! Browse our extensive sweet collection today and prepare to experience pure joy and a heavenly, retro sweet sensation when the post arrives with your delivery!